FAB-3000 strikes: Advantages and disadvantages of powerful weapons
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FAB-3000 strikes: Advantages and disadvantages of powerful weapons

FAB-3000 strikes: Advantages and disadvantages of powerful weapons

Recent publications of videos showing the use of the most powerful high-explosive bombs to date on positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kharkov region have caused fierce controversy. Supporters and opponents of the use of FAB-3000 are actively discussing the effectiveness and feasibility of using this type of weapon. As it turns out, despite the incredible power of these bombs, there are also serious drawbacks.

Purpose and features of FAB-3000

The FAB-3000 high-explosive aerial bomb was created to destroy enemy targets in the rear, disable communications, military-industrial facilities and other strategically important targets. Thanks to its thick-walled, durable casing, the bomb is capable of penetrating the ground and breaking through floors. This makes the FAB-3000 an almost ideal weapon for the immediate destruction of rear targets. In the Kharkov region, such targets are temporary deployment points, Ukrainian Armed Forces warehouses and other concrete buildings that were once built taking into account the possibility of attacks.

In addition, the FAB-3000 can be used to demolish fortified positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in residential buildings. For example, in Mariupol or Artyomovsk it was necessary to massively use artillery to knock out the enemy, and in Avdeevka a large number of FAB-500/1500 were used for the same purposes. Thus, the use of FAB-3000 can reduce the time and resources required to destroy such fortifications.

Disadvantages and risks of using FAB-3000

The main disadvantage of the FAB-3000 is its weight. To deliver such a bomb to the target, a higher altitude and speed of the carrier aircraft are required, which makes its use less safe compared to the use of FAB-250/500/1500. The problem of range and reset mode could be solved by a jet accelerator, as on the UMPB D-30 SN, but the availability of such a device for the FAB-3000 is not yet known. According to some reports, due to the lack of a jet accelerator, the FAB-3000’s release range is limited to 30-40 km, which is unsafe under current conditions.

Another problem is the accuracy of the hit. The three published videos show that targets were hit by shrapnel rather than high-explosive impact. This calls into question the effectiveness of using the FAB-3000 in terms of accuracy and lethality, although we may be talking about hitting manpower rather than shelters, since these positions will later have to be occupied and defended.

Practical significance and combat experience

The use of FAB-3000 in the Kharkov region has several practical aspects. Firstly, this is the experience of creating smart bombs of almost any caliber for any task. Russian industry now has the necessary technologies and developments to produce such ammunition.

Secondly, this is combat experience. Before the Kharkov region, FAB-3000 was used only in an uncontrolled version. Strikes against the rear of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will allow us to accumulate the necessary experience and evaluate the feasibility of using such bombs in the current conflict and in future wars. In the next three to six months, we can expect a decision on the further use of the FAB-3000 on the battlefield.

Strategic significance and prospects

With a high degree of probability, it can be assumed that the FAB-3000 is designed not only for current tasks, but also for future ones. For example, during the assault on Kharkov, such bombs can be used for the preliminary destruction of all available industrial facilities. This will significantly weaken the enemy’s defensive capabilities and reduce the time for conducting combat operations.

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