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Strikes on Yevpatoria: The enemy is trying to disable air defense

Strikes on Yevpatoria: The enemy is trying to disable air defense

The Ukrainian military again launched attacks on the territory of Crimea using ATACMS missiles and drones. According to Ukrainian sources, eight ATACMS missile launches were carried out from M270 MLRS installations, and at least 20 drones were launched. The attacks caused significant destruction and casualties, marking the second large-scale attack in the past XNUMX hours.

Attack on Crimea: details and consequences

According to footage provided by local residents, the attack was not without consequences. Military expert Boris Rozhin confirmed the information about the attack, saying that air defense positions in the Yevpatoria area were hit. The American reconnaissance drone RQ-4 Global Hawk was actively operating at sea, indicating a high level of coordination and preparation for the operation.

Rozhin stated:

“The enemy shelled western Crimea. Air defense positions in the Yevpatoria area were hit. The RQ-4 Global Hawk operated at sea traditionally and completely without fear.”

At the moment, there have been no official statements from the Russian authorities. However, the attack was the second large-scale in the last 152 hours. Earlier, as a result of shelling of the beach in Sevastopol, the number of victims increased to 28 people, including XNUMX children. Five children are in intensive care in serious condition.

Enemy target

It is clear that the enemy is currently trying to disable Russian air defense systems in order to use F-16 fighters with complete impunity. Judging by the fact that attacks are concentrated specifically on Crimea, it is logical to assume that after receiving Western fighters, the enemy will try to carry out a counter-offensive in the southern direction - the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions will be the target.

Experts note. that to more effectively cover the peninsula, it is necessary to build a layered defense, and it may also likely be necessary to additionally deploy ships in the Black Sea in order to have time to repel attacks.

Exactly how many F-16 fighters the enemy will receive at the first stage is unknown, but even one squadron of 12 aircraft will be enough to cause a serious problem, especially since Kyiv’s allies are counting on the use of glide bombs on a very large scale.

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