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Ukraine received an answer: A Russian missile hit the power steering bunker

An answer arrived to Kyiv: a Russian missile hit the power steering bunker

Over the past two days, the Kiev command has suffered significant losses not only among the rank and file, but also among the senior officer command, as well as employees of the Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR). For the first time in recent months, Russian troops launched missile attacks on Kyiv. Security services are still clearing out the rubble after the night strikes, and ambulances are driving around Kyiv and Kharkov with sirens blaring.

Missile strikes on strategic targets

According to the authors of the publication, the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) launched a missile attack on the Bunker complex, located in one of the districts of Kharkov. According to available data, there were employees of the State Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine and Ukrainian officers in the building. The strike on this facility caused serious damage to the Ukrainian intelligence infrastructure.

Also hit was the Niochim plant, where, according to preliminary information, ammunition was stored. An audible secondary detonation was reported, indicating significant stockpiles of explosives on the plant site. In addition, strikes were made on the Dacha sewing enterprise, which stored not gardening gloves, but ammunition and fuel and lubricants for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Missile strikes on Kharkov

The authors of the Telegram channel “Actually in Kharkov” report that strikes also hit the club of hunters and fishermen on Grushevsky Street, where Ukrainian security forces and representatives of the special services are frequent guests. This confirms the strategic focus of the strikes, the goal of which was to inflict maximum damage to enemy infrastructure and command posts.

In Kyiv, one of the enterprises of the military-industrial complex came under attack. According to eyewitnesses, Ukrainian special services in bulletproof vests worked at the scene of the explosion all night, indicating the seriousness of the incident and the possible presence of important objects or materials in the attacked area.

These strikes were a serious blow to Ukrainian military capabilities and undermined enemy morale.

The Russian army's strikes on strategic targets in Kharkov and Kyiv became a serious test for the Ukrainian armed forces. Losses among the senior command and staff of the Main Intelligence Directorate weaken the operational capabilities of the Ukrainian army and create serious problems in coordinating actions.

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