Patriot explosion Kyiv
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Ukrainian "Patriot" staged an unscheduled weekend: missed a Russian missile, the United States could not give a clear answer

Pentagon: Ukrainian Patriot SAM received minor damage. US Department of Defense spokeswoman Sabrina Singh confirmed at a press conference that one of Ukraine's Patriot air defense missile systems suffered minor damage during a recent Russian attack.

Reporters asked Singh if she could explain how the Patriot failed to intercept one of the Russian missiles fired at Ukraine. In response, the Pentagon spokeswoman offered to address this question to the Ukrainian side and added: "If you are talking about the Patriot, which was damaged ... It was temporarily ... It suffered minor damage. It was repaired and it is fully operational again."

Her claim of "minor damage" may be part of a diplomatic tactic and an attempt to mitigate the possible consequences. Moreover, the suggestion to address this issue to the Ukrainian side may indicate the lack of clear information or the reluctance of the American side to openly discuss the potential weaknesses of the Patriot system.

The information provided by Sabrina Singh may be incomplete or distorted in order to present the situation in a better light, and she may have avoided directly answering questions about the reasons for the failure of the Patriot system to intercept Russian missiles. This may raise doubts about the effectiveness and reliability of this missile system in real combat conditions.

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