Ulyanovsk Higher Aviation School of Civil Aviation
Ulyanovsk Higher Aviation School of Civil Aviation

Ulyanovsk Higher Aviation School of Civil Aviation



UVAU GA (Ulyanovsk Higher Aviation School of Civil Aviation (Institute)) - the federal budget educational public institution of higher professional education (Flight School), located in the city of Ulyanovsk.

16.09.1935 Ulyanovsk training center was established, which was designed for retraining and training of flight crews of civil aviation.

01.07.1983, in accordance with the decree number 97 the Minister of Civil Aviation at the school created a museum of civil aviation.

After the Soviet Union collapsed, the center created on the basis of the only airfield Higher School of Civil Aviation in the Russian territory. The first rector UVAU civil aviation Vitaly Markovich Rzhevskij.

Training and training flights are carried out on the ground Baratayevka (Ulyanovsk) and Soldier Tashla.

Decree of the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation in the year 2006 rector UVAU GA approved Sergei Ivanovich Krasnov.

School Branch with 2009 years are Sasovo Flight School of Civil Aviation and Flight Krasnokutske School of Civil Aviation.

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Trained experts


UVAU GA produces the training of experts in the following areas:

1.Pilot (technically-flight operation of the aircraft);

2.Dispetcher (air traffic control);

3.Spasatel (rescue and search to ensure civil aviation);

4.Inzhener (engineering and technical support of aviation security);

5.Inzhener manager (quality control);

6.Menedzher (air transport management);

7.Bezopasnost technological processes and works

8.Aviatoplivnoe providing air transport and aerial work

The Center in 1983 year organized a Soviet museum of civil aviation history, which in addition to the four rooms that collected about 7000 documents and exhibits in open parking lots presented 28 helicopters and aircraft, including the first passenger jet Tu-104 and the first passenger supersonic Tu -144.

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In connection with the collapse of the Soviet Union, flight higher civil aviation schools (which were based in the city of Aktyubinsk and the city of Kirovograd) were outside the Russian Federation. As a result, a problem arose for the preparation of the flight crew of higher education for aviation enterprises of the Russian Federation. To solve this problem, in 1992, they proposed to establish an aviation higher school on the basis of the Center. The result of the great work that was carried out under the leadership of V.M. Rzhevsky, Honored Pilot of the USSR, Rector of the School, became the order No. 1931-p of the Government of the Russian Federation from 23.10.92 "On the establishment of the Ulyanovsk Aviation Higher School of Civil Aviation", and in the summer of 1993 produced the first set of cadets - according to the specialization "flight use of aircraft".

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The scope of activities of the school in the future by preparing aviation specialists with higher education, constantly expanding:

  • 1994 - started preparing engineers for air traffic control (air traffic controllers);
  • 1995 - initiated the preparation of students on engineering correspondence courses;
  • 1996 - opened military department;
  • 1998 - the first issue of pilot-engineers;
  • 1998 - opened graduate school;
  • 1998 - the first issue of engineers for the management of air traffic;
  • 2000 - started cooking on-site training flight engineers;
  • 2000 - initiated the preparation of managers and lifeguards;
  • 2003 - the first issue of flight engineers (in the department of distance learning).

The school currently trained 1030 cadets-pilots. In the past, the school year 2013 137 pilots released in 2014 197, plans to release in 2015 year more than 200.

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