Management GTD modes
Management GTD modes

Management GTD modes



Combining the functions of the electric starter motor and a generator in one unit (starter-generator), driven in rotation directly by the motor shaft, will eliminate the use of the engine gearbox. This will reduce the size and mass of the engine and give a number of other advantages (reduction of the PTO, increase fire safety, and others.).

Issues considered in this essay, devoted to the work.

Integrated engine and supersonic inlet. Integrated management enables to increase the accuracy of matching modes OT and the engine.

Management at steady state operation of the power plant

Regulation of the maximum reduced air flow through the engine. The need to regulate the reduced air flow through the engine due to the fact that the region of stable operation can be significantly reduced OT at the rotation angles less optimal flow for a given number of M and increased throat area required for the transmission to the engine a desired amount of air.

The solution of the problem is possible with integrated control by affecting the engine and limiting the maximum air flow through it. For this, when the air flow reaches the maximum permissible value, which depends on the characteristics of the VZ and the engine, the fuel consumption in the main combustion chamber is reduced., not amenable to Direct measurement, can be estimated in the control system by indirect parameters (reduced fan speed, aerodynamic parameter e of closed VZ regulation, position of adjustable panels of its wedge).

OT Office airplane overclocking criteria. When operating the engine at a constant time, for example during acceleration plane, the effective thrust in supersonic flight SU depends essentially on how optimally adjusted OT. One embodiment of a control regulators OT in this case may be for extreme regulation criterion using the indirect parameter - overload plane along the longitudinal axis.

Management transient operating powerplant

Invariance of the air intake and engine alignment mode in the integrated ACS. Obtaining high accuracy of coordination of operating modes of the VZ and the engine in terms of air flow during transient operating conditions of the SU is one of the complex problems of developing ACS. This is explained by the fact that the region of stable operation of a supersonic OZ, which is determined by the boundaries and the permissible level of irregularity and pulsation of the flow in front of the engine (engine, “itch” OZ), is relatively narrow, and of various nature and high rate of change are large.


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