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Terms of the terrain and their vliyaenie on fighting

Terms of the terrain and their vliyaenie on fighting



Terms areas directly affect the success of the Air Force combat operations.

The absence of well-recognized land object orientation makes it difficult, reconnaissance and surveillance, complicating the accurate determination of the location of the observed analyzing processes, their size and the amount of deviation from the target missiles at correcting the art of fire.

Background area and contrast at different times of the year make it difficult or facilitate the detection and viewing of objects of observation, exploding shells and ground signals. The presence of masks (forests, settlements) and the related terrain facilitate stormtroopers hidden approach to the target at low level flight.

And the narrowness of the defile (mountain pass, dams, bridges) increases the success of the assault of air operations and cause the need for appropriate defense forces. State road network affects the maneuverability and performance rears Air Force that is reflected in the existing parts.

Wooded terrain, rough, uncomfortable for landing forces to gain a greater height in the event of damage to the motor to have sufficient time to select where -posadki.

The nature of the terrain and climate conditions of the theater can all hinder the use of in this theater of large masses of air (lack of airfields).


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