Apply for a flight attendant job
Apply for a flight attendant job

Apply for a flight attendant job

How difficult to get a job flight attendant?

If you live in the capital of Russia, the question of the employment situation is much easier, as all the major airlines have their offices here. As for the other cities in which to find a job flight attendant is much more difficult, especially if the village has no airport. In this case, only one way out - to leave. Typically, airline flight attendants are invited in the autumn and spring, so you should focus on the off-season. Learn HR number and ask, when will the next set.

Of course, the interview is an integral and important stage on the way to employment, but it is much more important to have good health for a given profession. In stewardess there should be no chronic diseases, dislocated joints and broken bones, allergies. Acute hearing, eyesight, normal operation of the vestibular apparatus, no problems with pressure and teeth - are the main requirements that apply to candidates.

To find out whether you are suitable for the role of a flight attendant can be exclusively VLEK. Hardly clinic doctor will be able to answer this question.

Apply for a flight attendant job 1

That is why the indicative employability as follows:

  • record for an interview by e-mail / phone;
  • interview in the personnel department;
  • credentials committee;
  • VLEK;
  • vocational training and subsequent job placement.

As a flight attendant to get a job: the main stages

Immediately it should be noted that each of the stages has its subtleties and nuances, to which you must be prepared. For example, recruiters need to be convinced why you wanted to become a flight attendant. In the presence of higher education, this task becomes much more complicated. Although it is sometimes easy enough to say that you are a childhood dream about this profession.

Apply for a flight attendant job 2

The Credentials Committee is composed of five to eight employees of air companies: a representative of the personnel department, flight attendants, pilots, managers of different departments and divisions. Each of them will be asking questions, through which will be able to determine how suitable your candidacy. As a rule, the decision is made on the same day. In that case, if you pass the interview, the more you will be referred to a medical examination.

But first you have to take care:

  • a certificate from a psychiatrist and a psychiatrist (they can be obtained at the place of residence);
  • a medical book, which will mark passed fluoroscopy and no sexually transmitted diseases, parasites, etc .;
  • medknizhki of discharge from the last few years showing all the previous diseases;
  • Photographs of 3 4 x (number of units).

In some cases, it may be necessary and a children's medical records. When all the documents will be presented by you, you will be able to pass medical commission.

After an affirmative conclusion of the commission you just have to be trained and to conclude an employment contract. But you should not relax, because the duration of the course is 2-3 months, and classes will be held from Monday to Saturday (inclusive). As a rule, the first employment contract is temporary. Therefore, if you decide to seriously devote themselves to this exciting career ahead of you waiting for a lot of tests both on the ground and in the air.

Hello) my name is Anastasia, I am 20 years old. Height 164, weight 49. Health since childhood is excellent.
Beautiful, volitional character. I study as a psychologist in the correspondence department. Always wanted to be a flight attendant. Stress resistant and sociable. I am confident that the approach for the profession of flight attendants. If you are interested in + 79196949501

Good evening. My name is Tatiana. I would very much like to master the work of a flight attendant. I’m 35 years old, I think I look great, so I have the audacity in spite of my age to offer my candidacy. I’ve always been attracted to this profession, but for some reason decided to right now. If anyone is interested in my candidacy, I will be very grateful and with great pleasure I will come for an interview. Thank you.

My name is Alena. I live in Sterlitamak.
I am 24 of the year. Height 157 cm, weight 55 kg.
Secondary vocational education.
Тел.: 8-961-039-03-02. Почта:
Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a stewardess. I really want to fulfill my dream.
I work with clients from 2014 of the year.
Stress resistant and sociable.

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Hello, there was a dream to become a flight attendant.
My height: 170 cm. Weight: 55 kg.
Age: 20 years.
Spoken English.
Ready for stressful situations.
Mobile phone number: 8 (908) 170-01-28

Hello! I am 22 of the year, I study by correspondence at MPSU, personnel management. Height 182, weight 78 kg. My dream is to be a flight attendant. 89000657705 telephone, mail

Hello. My name is Pauline, 21 year.
The growth of 173. Clothing size S.
I always wanted to be a stewardess, for this I graduated from the university with a degree in linguistics.
French (profile), English.
Number 89283279898.

I used to think about stewardesses specially taught somewhere. And then a friend signed a contract with Qatari airlines. They were all hired in flight and during flights. I did not go there, but there are no special requirements. The main thing is English, self-control and be healthy. Competition is sky-high. Then on Avito saw a set in our airlines and there they took it.

Dreamed from childhood, like many here, to become a flight attendant. I read about this a lot, then I went to courses, to seminars. In general, I was mentally already in flights. I compiled the summary, put it on different sites, I was waiting for everyone to call me and invite me to work)) Even she herself often called up the announcements from the airlines, but not all were friendly ... Finally, there was an announcement on Avito! I almost went crazy when I ran documents collecting, but it was all worth it, definitely))))

Good evening) From the school I wanted to be a flight attendant, but it did not work out .. And now I want to embody her! My name is Yulia. And I'm 26 years old. I live in Domodedovo

Hello, my name is Rina me 20 le.Zhelanie work stewardess appeared in me with 13 years. To this day, the desire does not disappear to become and be it!
I am very hardworking and ready to devote myself to this area of ​​work. Ready for difficulties, accountability.
My height 156 cm weigh 45 kg, clothing size XS-S
phone number 89264591706

Good afternoon. Guy. 22 years. I study in absentia at the institute at the faculty of service and tourism. I dream to work as a flight attendant. I like flying very much. Height 187 cm, weight 77 kg. I live in Krasnodar. tel. + 79186204992

Hello) I'm 20 years old, growing 165, weight 55, clothing size sm.
Education is a complete secondary, very, very much I want to work as a flight attendant)
Call + 79080650998
I will be very glad to your

Good afternoon, my name is Anastasia, the growth of 180,29 years, I live in the city of Norilsk. I dream from my childhood to work as a flight attendant. My phone 89135309010,

Hello my name is Elena to me 33 of the year! I grew up in Georgia, my godfather pilot for years 40 for sure) all my life dreamed of being a flight attendant!) As a child offended by the parents that it was not Jeanne! Growth 170 weight 65 I speak English! My dream is to be a flight attendant, aircraft ✈️ this is my element!)

Good day! My name is Heidi. I'm 20 years old, growing 170, 53 kg. I speak English and Arabic. A student of the 4 course at the Oil and Gas University. I. M. Gubkin. All her conscious life dreamed of becoming a flight attendant, and dreams should come true :) the number for communication 89257771277

I would like to work as a flight attendant! Since childhood, dreamed of flying, this is my only dream! And the desire of my grandmother! ((I have a growth 160, weight 49! Stress-resistant, quickly trained, ready to learn to discover something new, find a quick common language with people !!!! My number 89774010994

Hello. My name is Elena, I'm 21 year old. I live in Mineralnye Vody, secondary education is special. It's my dream. Growth 167, weight 52kg.

Hello, my name is Danna to me 30 years, growth 168, weight 53kg, education incomplete higher, diva in St. Petersburg, my dream to work as a stewardess, I find a common language with people, stress-resistant. Phone: 89118492208.

Hello. My name is Rita. 22 years, the growth of 164, the weight of 52. Higher education is unfinished, English initial. I live in Nizhny Novgorod, but there is an opportunity to move to Moscow for permanent residence. I want to pass an interview for this profession.

Hello, my name is Alyona, I'm 33 years old. I live in Moscow. Itself from Ukraine. Height 163cm, weight 59kg. I study at the institute in absentia. I really want to realize my dream and devote my life to this profession ..☎️89154402094

Hello, my name is Anastasia, I'm 20 years old. The growth of 159. I live in Nadym (YaNAO) I have experience working with (heavy)
and nervous people.
I dream of becoming a flight attendant.
My phone89195554275

Hello, my name is Daria, I 34 year very much want to be a flight attendant. Knowledge of the language at the level of a student (2 year in the Pedagogical Institute on no account) live in Murmansk, higher education in the state government. I work in LLC "Vertas-Murmansk", the organization specializes in the sale of air tickets. "I work with 01.08.2011g Communicable, responsible! My Contacts: 89600245362,

Board explorers retire at 35 so it's late for you :)

Good afternoon! My name is Elena, I'm 30 years old, growing 164, I really want to retrain to a flight attendant. I live in the Moscow region, the profession head of the sales office, English colloquial, I can work with people. My mail

Hello my name is Olga. I'm 26 years old. The growth of 158. I live in Moscow. All my life I dream to work as a flight attendant. I work in the restaurant business. Help me realize the dream of my whole life.
My tel. + 79067986897

Hello! My name is Christina, I'm 19 years old. I myself am from Belarus. All her conscious life she dreamed of becoming a flight attendant. My height 161 see Weight 65 kg. Appearance davolno pleasant. (+ 375 (44) 510-50-34)

I 36 years, the growth of 157sm, the size of clothes 40, I really want to realize my dream and devote my life to this profession..☎️89059153331

Good day!
My name is Camila, the height of 165 cm, the age of 20 years.
I dream of dedicating my life to this profession!
The fourth year I work as a hairdresser, in parallel a hoster in a restaurant. My contact number + 79639633233

Hello, I'm 25let, growth168, weight54, I live in Moscow, secondary professional education, my dream is to work as stewardess, my number is 9 (915) 364.43.77

Good day!
Me 23 year, the growth of 177, the weight of 52 kg!
I am a very nice and beautiful girl!
I really want to be a flight attendant, I like flying and this profession I consider fascinating and interesting! My number is 8 (985) 8657855

Good day ! My name is Manizha, I've been living in Ekaterinburg for 22 for a year, I've been burning with the dream of becoming a flight attendant when I first got on a plane, it's a very responsible job, and to which I dream for 4 for a year. The growth is 157-50 kg. .Higher education . I know 3 languages. My contact number is 89226128384. Thank you for attention!

Hello, I want to work as a stewardess? I do not have an operetta but I'll teach bistro, education is average, I'm 34 year old, 165 is growing, my stewardess is my dream and I will be very happy, 89850023526 phone number

Hello my name is Rovgan to me 24 year citizen of Azerbaijan very much I want to become a stewardess of the higher Education I will not learn Russian Azerbaijani Turkish language!

Hello! I dream of flying and working as a flight attendant, preferably international transfers. Higher education "Tourism and Hospitality", 10 in the restaurant industry, 4 year in the jewelry business. Pleasant appearance, 172- 63kg. Knowledge of languages: English, Vietnamese, Chinese. I'm learning Spanish. Absolutely without bad habits. I constantly go in for sports.arhontovaaa594 @

I'm 26 years old. I work almost 4 year flight attendant. Terribly tired of this work. I want to leave, and already there is no place. Everything is annoying, it does not increase at all. If you do not like the boss, then career growth is zero! In the summer we work like robots. You can not plan anything, at any moment you can pull on the flight from the weekend. Eternal suitcases in the corridor. The tower is there, just do not take (in general, I do not know what to do next.To suffer and fall in love with this work or try to find oneself.) They do not appreciate you here, they can fire any jamb for any jig, do not go! Imagine your whole life will be moved by the unbearable Passengers, eternal complaints, and the bosses take out the brain as if you were a child and you are being chastised in the kindergarten. "The lack of oxygen makes flight attendants dumber." After aviation, there is no place to settle down.

Hello! My name is Anastasia, 18 years; 172 growth; 48 weight. She graduated from the physico-mathematical school certificate with good English BACKGROUND - basic. I live in Yekaterinburg. Very responsible, communicative, fast learner, model looks, bad habits have not. My dream is to work a flight attendant, I will be very happy to call 89676360098

Hello! There is a desire to learn and become a flight attendant. I 23 years. I have a few degrees in the medical field. growth 168 cm. 48 kg weight. Easily trained, I have a high stress tolerance. Healthy, pleasant appearance. City Novokuznetsk. 8-923-633-0-633

Hello I'm Jeanne. I live in Armenia .Hochu work a flight attendant. I 33 years. Height 166, 48 weight.
Higher education in philology (English, Russian, Armenian) + 37491749468
Prompt, please, where I can turn on this issue?

Good afternoon!
I want to work a flight attendant, DREAM !!! childhood! Have experience in the service sector.
Without a / c.
165 / 48, 26 years

Good afternoon!
I want to work a flight attendant, a dream since childhood! Have experience in the service sector.
Without a / c.
165 / 48, 26 years.

Hello !!! I very much want to work stewardess !!! Difficulties and the rest do not fear! There is a great desire to work !!! With Diana respect. My tel89054075406

Hello! My name is Tatiana, I 26 years, geologist profession, I live in Luhansk, would like to try myself in this field, executive, easily trained, responsible! There was a little dream, fall in love with the sky))) My email address

Hello my name is Olesya. I 34 years. I live in Novokuznetsk. My height 172, 56 weight. Sizing 46.
Experience in the service sector.
My qualities are diligence, hard work, responsibility. A lot of flying. I dream to be a flight attendant.

Good afternoon! My name is Angelina, I 24 years, live in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, Republic of Tatarstan! Fly an airplane, watching the stewardesses! Really want to try myself in this role ... Height 171, 55 weight, physical culture academy finished! It's easy to find a common yazyk.K the same appearance and allows) 89867192444

Hello, my name is Valeria, I 20 years, I want to become a flight attendant, I have vocational education, have experience in the service sector, with no bad habits. Height Weight 172 54, looks nice, easy to get along with people. Dream Job

Hello, my name is Anna, I'm 21, at the moment I live in Omsk, higher education, have experience in the service industry, I want to work flight attendant, 89659725444

Hello, My name is Inna.27 let.Rostov on Don. 89085138213.obrazovanie special medium. hotel biznes.hochetsya become flight attendants.

Zdravstvuyte.Menya name is Natalia. I 30, 164 growth, 52 weight. Higher education-pedagogicheskoe.Zdorova.Prozhivayu Kemerovo. Childhood dream to work styuardessoy.Dobraya, sympathetic, punctual, high learning ability, responsibility, ability to make decisions, active life position, competent speech, negotiating experience, good organizational skills, results orientation, teamwork, commitment, perseverance. + 7 (913) 284-25-31.

Hello !!! My name Anastasiya.Zhivu in Omsk. I 25 years, 165 height, clothing size 44.Est great desire to work styuardessoy.89609815491.Budu wait.