A new military helicopter is being created in the Russian Federation
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A new military helicopter is being created in the Russian Federation

A new military helicopter is being created in the Russian Federation

"To fly above all, farthest of all, faster than all!"

"The Stalinist slogan for the Air Force" - today it is especially relevant for helicopters after long periods of stagnation.

"In Russia, for the needs of the armed forces, an entirely new base is under development for a helicopter capable of reaching speeds over 400 km / h. This is reported by RIA Novosti, referring to the words of the chief of combat training of the army aviation of the Russian Air Force, Oleg Chesnokov.

As for the prospects of creating a helicopter with a flight speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour, today this work is being done. It will be a completely new aviation complex, not based on the Mi-24 helicopter. On the basis of Mi-24, a flying laboratory is equipped to develop technical solutions for creating a high-speed car. " (wаrfіlеs.ru).

"Without the right to glory - to the glory of the Power!"

If I understand correctly, thanks to the Ministry of Defense in the helicopter industry, progress begins with a subsequent exit from the super-stagnation, although not yet visible. It seems to me that the designers of the cost centers will now be issued "to the surface" not virtual projects like MI-X1, but natural ones, with a subsequent report on their progress. It must be assumed that in this case the usual single-rotor scheme without tail rotor would be the most convenient for them, but they “presented” it to the Eurocopter, who was built according to this scheme by the flying demonstrator X-3

A new military helicopter is being created in the Russian Federation

Look closer to him

The first flight took place on September 6 2010 of the year in France. 12 May 2011 of the year X3 reached the speed of 430 km / h. 7 June 2013, a hybrid helicopter Eurocopter X3, made a breakthrough in aviation history, speeding up to 255 nodes, thus breaking the world record for the speed of horizontal flight of helicopters. (472 km / h) (Wikipedia). Cruising speed, km / h 410 (airwar.ru)

"It's a helicopter," test engineer Dominique Fournier says, "but as soon as it takes off, it acquires the characteristics of an aircraft with wings."

"Also L.Bertling, the head of Eurocopter, says that X3 will probably not be the fastest helicopter, as the Sikorsky X2 model demonstrates a higher speed, but he is confident that the Eurocopter product will be more profitable."

By now, "Airbus Helicopters tested the model of a new high-speed helicopter. ... The estimated speed of the aircraft will be up to 410 km / h. (1 June 2016 ATO.ru).

A new military helicopter is being created in the Russian Federation

"The propeller louder than the song sing, carrying the wings spread" (from the song)

I think that the designers of the cost center, if they still have the desire to design a helicopter under this scheme (our scheme), then at first we should not be chasing a cruising speed of 410k / h. but to stop at the speed of 340-360 / h, since it will be possible to use serial carrier screws and the second - there will be no need to change the speed of NV. for this speed!

But in the cost center there is another version of the high-speed rotary-wing of the transverse scheme, long ago stored by him, from Marat Nikolaevich Tishchenko

A new military helicopter is being created in the Russian Federation

"In 1973, the project of such a take-off mass vehicle to 11,5 t was completed, equipped with two engines TVZ-117F with an output of 2800l.s. each, with two rotor screws with a diameter of 10,3 m and a propelling propeller. Pilot production has built the appropriate model, in the departments of the Design Bureau the units and systems were worked out. The maximum speed of the machine was planned to be 380-420 km / h. "

It may even be preferable to a single-screw in-ta, because it will have catapulted seats of pilots, i. E. safer. In addition, with modern avionics, it is possible to reduce the crew to one pilot - it goes to unmanned aerial vehicles and the Su-25 attack aircraft carry out assignments in the same Syria for one pilot and work with jewelry accuracy. Moreover: "At the moment, domestic aircraft builders are considering the possibility of a deep modernization of the Su-34 fighter-bomber, with the aim of creating on its base a single-seat attack aircraft capable of significantly enhancing the defense capability of the Russian army. (In Russia, an invulnerable AviaPro attack aircraft can appear). "

Our ingenious designer Sergey Viktorovich Mikheev saw this in front of the others, so the opponents used prohibited methods against the "Black Shark" to remove him from the armament. It turned out that today, instead of the best Ka-50 percussion in the world, we have mediocre Mi-28N., And "the USA throws special troops to the Russian borders without unnecessary noise" (source Pravda.ru).

On the engines. "Klimov" said that as soon as the order is available, the engines for high-speed helicopters will be ready in a year: VK-2500M. They are lighter and more powerful, completely new engines, and from VK-2500 they have only the name, so there is hope that this time the General MVZ and the "Helicopters of Russia" N. Pavlenko from the mythical speed of Mi-X1 in "520k / h" will go to the real speeds of modern helicopters.

And in KB "Kamov" the projects of such helicopters are ready for a long time and are waiting for worthy financing.

A new military helicopter is being created in the Russian Federation

In order not to misunderstand me, I will remind you about the financing of the Ka-52 Alligator helicopter, which proved its phenomenal capabilities in real combat against the militant tanks in Syria: "For the performance of the Ka-52 Alligator, the Kamovians requested 2004 million rubles - received 120 million. Milevtsy, received 8 million rubles for the development of Mi-145N, almost as requested. We must assume that money is not available only for Kamov's OKB helicopters "(POLIT.ru / 28 / 2005 / 05).

A new military helicopter is being created in the Russian Federation

Basic Calculation Data

Type of engines ... 2xGTD

Takeoff weight, kg 30 000

Number of passengers. 80-90

Maximum flight speed, km / h to 500

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