The plane pawns ears
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Airplane ears pop. Headache. What to do?

Airplane ears pop. What to do?



During takeoff and landing aircraft lays the ears from the sudden change of pressure. In particularly sensitive to such differences of people and there is a strong headache. There are several ways to avoid discomfort.

First of all, during take-off and landing it is not recommended to sleep. At this time you need actively swallowing (other helpers - sweetmeats), Or drink water in small sips. Effective means - open wide or yawn.

If the ears are still laid, they can "blow out" - pinch your nose with your fingers and try to breathe through the air (But it is dangerous to do so, who is currently a runny nose or nasal disease).

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Headache? It lays the ears?


If you often headache on the plane, we need more serious measures. Refer to the flight attendant with a request to bring the "Cheburashka" (most of them understand what is at stake). You bring two cups of hot towels, which will need to be firmly pressed to the ears (hence the name). To many, this method helps.

But the surest way - is to prevent the emergence of pain. An hour before take-off (and before planting) should be drip in a nose decongestant drops and take the vasodilator drug, suitable "No-spa." Using special earplugs (they are sold at the airport, or at the pharmacy) will also reduce the chances of migraine headaches, and congestion in the ears.


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I only help special summer earplugs. No blowing, swallowing, and so it did not help. Finally, do not fly for me infernal torture ... Earplugs are made specifically for flying, they just need to insert in your ears before your flight ... and forget about the pain.

I am the daughter of a pilot and fly regularly 3 months of age, and yet, I already 50 years and swayed, and lays his ears. And only recently, after treatment by a neurologist, I suffered a great flight. I advise everyone to make a diagnosis, and you get a truly unforgettable experience of flying.