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Jobs airline Transaero. Cabin Crew. Stewardesses.

Transaero Airlines Jobs

Famous Russian Transaero Airlines (Transaero Airlines) was founded back in 1990, and became the first private aviation company in the USSR. Today Transaero has a presence in more than 80 aircraft. Park companies based at the airport DomodedovoBut also Transaero has two additional hub in Koltsovo (Ekaterinburg) and Pulkovo (St. Petersburg). Due to the large volume of domestic and international air transportation company Transaero constantly offers Vacancies flight attendants.

No modern passenger flight on airlines the world does not take place without the participation of the flight attendants or stewards and stewardesses. Flight attendants - is the rank and file employees are experts on water or aircraft. They are engaged in the processing of passengers, crew members and are responsible for their safety. In the event of an accident the stewards have to help the victims and other passengers.

Today, working in civil aviation is considered very prestigious occupation with decent pay. In company Transaero flight attendants job It is very popular and usually there is no vacant seats. Yet young people tend to take a position in Transaero is due not only interesting and exciting work, but decent earnings, career opportunities. Moreover, such Transaero job allow fans to travel to combine two things: the ability to earn and at the same time to visit many countries.

For all those who wish to obtain Vacancies company Transaero, Organized free training. Actually, after the successful passage of three-month course, everyone will be able to obtain such a desirable job. Along with the official employment stewards issued compulsory social insurance and guaranteed working conditions in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.

To get the job of Transaero, Applicants must possess the appropriate qualities. Transaero flight attendants job presuppose the existence of post-secondary education, a good knowledge of spoken English (level Pre-Intermediate), the appropriate age (women - up to 30 years, boys - to 35 years), and the corresponding increase (girls - from 165 see guys - of 170 cm). And, of course, need to have a neat appearance as a candidate for Transaero job It becomes the face of the company.

Jobs Transaero

Jobs Transaero

International airline Transaero invites young dedicated people to work as a flight attendant. Anyone wishing to obtain Vacancies company Transaero encouraged to be totally free training or retraining in a profession, "the flight attendant." The duration of training courses amountedS THE 3 months. If you pass the training, the training will last 1,5 months. It is estimated learning outcomes Airlines Transaero offers Vacancies and subsequent employment.

The flight attendant duties will include ensuring the safety of the flight and passenger service on the airline's flights.
Transaero flight attendants job imply special requirements for candidates. Young people must have citizenship of the Republic of Belarus or the Russian Federation. Age limits fluctuate between 19 and 30 years. If you have experience in a similar position, then age limits range from 20 to 35 years. Your education should be specialized secondary.

For girls exhibited the following requirements:

  • - An increase of up to 160 175 cm;
  • - Clothing size to 46-th.

Requirements for boys:

  • - An increase of up to 170 185 cm;
  • - Clothing size to 54-th.

And the girls, and young people should not have tattoos or scars in the open areas of the body.
Mandatory requirements on job Transaero apply excellent knowledge of English (level Pre-Intermediate), the ability to swim well. Vision candidates money had to be lower -2,5. All applicants must have a passport and valid flight attendants - evidence of a flight attendant.

Transaero Airlines vacancies performs flights from the international airports of Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo. Your wages will sostavdyat from thousands to 50 60 thousand. Transaero flight attendants job when the design work is guided solely by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, according to which the mandatory benefits package available. Social package includes holiday pay, sick, insurance, flight personnel, as well as medical care. Transaero Airlines vacancies flight attendants involves the provision of additional social package that includes discounted tickets for current workers and their families, allowances for seniority, personal pensions. Airlines flight attendants offered lending programs, as well as health and fitness program. In addition, by submitting an application for Transaero jobYou have a real opportunity to get into a friendly and professional team to build a successful career.

Only here you can see the current vacancies:

Transaero (Transaero). Official site.

Good day! For a long time I dreamed to work as a flight attendant, in connection with professional work in sports my dream was only in my head! Higher education, I can swim, master of sports of international class in track and field athletics, 29let, 168 cm, 52 kg, clothing size 42. I flew to different corners of the world, it's very sociable, stress-resistant, responsible! Level of English proficiency is Pre-intermediate. Registration in the Moscow region
tel: 89263645245

Hello, I want to take your flight attendant courses, with subsequent employment. Education is economic, technical, medical.

Good afternoon! I want to work in your company, I think that the flight attendant's job is one of the most interesting works. At the moment I study at the correspondence department. To me 21 year, growth 166, weight 47 kilogram, clothing size 40.
English (conversational)

Good evening, my name is Valeria. I'm a student of the last 4 course of a medical college in the city of Krasnodar. I'm studying for a nurse. I would like to go to your company right after graduation and continue to work in your company .Suggest is it possible? Experience work is 1,5 in Dentistry assistant doctor surgeon. Thank you in advance!

Good day. My name is Xenia. I really want to work in your company. I'm 21 year old. There is a higher economic education. My height is 170 centimeters, weight 61 kilogram, clothing size 46. No bad habits. I live in Novosibirsk. There is a desire and a desire to learn new things. Responsible, purposeful, stress-resistant, punctual.

I very much want to work in your airline. I'm 20 years old, I live in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Education is specialized. My height is 175cm, weight 60kg, clothing size 42-44. Relationship status: Single.
Knowledge of languages: Kyrgyz (native)
Russian (fluent)
English (advanced)
Chinese (HSK 3)

I really want to work as a flight attendant because I find this work very interesting because you can get acquainted with interesting people and the opportunity to see interesting corners of the world. I'm 23 year old, I live in the Moscow region city of Klin, English base. height 192 cm, weight 93 kg. The size of clothes 50-52, the size of shoes 44-45. Marital status-holost.Tseleustremlenny, easy to train, sociable, responsible, stresooustoychivy.Proshu consider my candidacy.Contact nom.8-925-524-80-78
E-mail address:

Good afternoon!
I want and just dream to work in your airline.
Place of residence-Azerbaijan, Baku.
Higher education. Graduated from the National Academy of Aviation, specialty: engineer of air traffic control.
Work experience: 3 worked for Azalea Airlines. Flight attendant-trainee.
I speak Russian, Azerbaijani and English.
Personal qualities: probably not like everyone else.
E-mail address:
tel .: + 994775721716

Good afternoon!
I dream to work as flight attendant in your company, I will be grateful for consideration of my candidacy
I live in St. Petersburg, I speak English (conversational level) and Chinese (basic knowledge) languages
Graduated with honors from the Institute of Law and Entrepreneurship
My height 174 cm, weight 58 kg, clothing size 42-44
Personal qualities: optimism, goodwill, purposefulness, responsiveness, stress-resistance, sociability, ambitiousness
Contact details:
Tel. 8-981-804 51 74,
mailing address:

I really want to work as a flight attendant. I'm 24 year, live in St. Petersburg, speak English and Portuguese, at the moment I work at the Pulkovo airport as a survey inspector. Education is medium-special, I was military. I can do it. I can do it. My height is 178 cm, weight 67 kg. The size of clothes 48, the size of shoes 43. Marital status-holost.Tseleustremlenny, easily trained, sociable, responsible, stress-resistant. Please consider my candidacy.Contact nom.89626831192

I would very much like to work as a flight attendant.
I'm 27 years old Date of birth: 05.10.1989
Height 167, weight 48 kg, clothing size xs-s. I have no bad habits, I speak spoken English. Education is higher.
Contact details
Phone: 89509465060

Good afternoon!
Please consider my candidacy for the position of flight attendant.
I'm 25 years old. Height 172 cm, weight 60 kg. Clothing size: 44-46.Education is the highest. English basic. No bad habits. I live in Ufa
I can swim.

Good afternoon, I'm a former flight attendant! Worked in the airline Tatarstan with access to the decree. Experience of work 5 years. I would like to continue working in your airline now. The airline Tatarstan closed.
Born 30.03.1983
growth 175
Weight 63
Sizing 46
Home address Kazan
Bad habits NO
Higher education
English with a dictionary.
Телефон: 8-9874-07-81-30

Date of Birth: 13.06.1987
Height: 170
Weight: 58
Dress size: 44
Residence address: St. Petersburg
Bad habits: no
English proficiency: intermediate (every day I improve my language skills)
Education: incomplete higher education

Good afternoon, I dream to work as a flight attendant in your company!
Born 17.03.1986
growth 179
Weight 70
Sizing 48
Shoe size 42
Marital Status: Single
Without previous convictions and without bad habits
Education: secondary
Knowledge of English: intermediate
Personal qualities: Purposefulness, working capacity, easy and fast learner, sociability, goodwill, I can quickly find a common language with people, responsiveness.
Phone + 79636883882
Home address Moscow
I very much want to work in your Company!

Hello, my name is Yulia, date of birth: 16.08.1992.rost 160, weight 52, clothing size 42-44, marital status: single, no children, no bad habits, no convictions, I can swim, scars and tattoos in visible places, special education, profession laboratory assistant-ecologist, no experience in this field, English with a dictionary, ready for training, responsible, easy to learn, not conflict, stress-resistant, with health problems, address, residence krasnoyarsk. t.89082093971, email;

Zdrastvujte! My name is Malysheva Daria Sergeevna
Date of birth: 11.07.1997 (20 years)
Height: 173sm
Weight: 70 kg
Dress size: 46
Relationship status: Single
Without bad habbits
Residence address: Moscow, Vesennaya St., д.10, кв.16
20015-2020 Higher (unfinished)
RASHiGS, specialty: customs business
Languages: English-with dictionary, Russian-native
Convictions are absent
I really want to work for your airline!
Телефон: +7(985)413-87-37

Hello, my name is Anastasia, I'm 18 years old, not married. Has finished 1 course of medical college. I live in Karpinsk. My height is 176, weight is 61 kg. I dream to work as a flight attendant with 6 class, clothing size 42.
I do not have tattoos, scars, there are no chronic diseases, there is a great desire to work as a flight attendant, ready for training.
Qualities: responsible, sociable, hardy, hardworking, benevolent, stress-resistant.
Phone 79995661171

Good afternoon! My name is Svetlana, I'm 32 year old but I look at 25, married. I live in Chelyabinsk. My height is 170, weight is 57 kg. 2 children, very good swim, I know English at an intermediate level (I go to courses learn more), nice appearance, even white teeth, clothing size 42-44. Distinctive qualities: balanced, friendly, smiling, I find a common language with people, in emergency situations do not panic, act on circumstances, executive, stress-resistant, good health, no fear of heights. There are no tattoos on the body, and scars too. Education: incomplete higher education in accounting. For a long time she worked as an accountant. I dream from my childhood to work as a flight attendant, I feel that this is my vocation. Ready to learn. My phone: 89822871885,

Hello, I always dreamed of working as a guide in your company. I 31 year, clothing size 44, height 168 see Weight 58 kg. I am married and have two children. I worked for various government services. There is a higher education: I studied law at school and at the institute. But without practice, he is rather weak. No convictions. There are no bad habits. There are no problems with health. Communicative. 89035923744

growth 160
Weight 52
Sizing 42-44
Marital status not married. Children no.
Without bad habits and personal problems
Age of full 28 years
I speak English as a non-medium
Education pedagogical secondary special / higher
There is no experience in this field
There is an operational experience in sales (the seller the adviser-cashier, the manager of operational settlement cash desk)
I do not have previous convictions
I have no health problems
The desire to work hard for a flight attendant and build a career in the future. 89518953001

Height: 163;
Weight: 48;
Clothing size: 42;
Marital status: married, child-9 years;
Without bad habbits. Negative attitude to alcohol;
Education: Yelabuga Pedagogical Institute of Kazan Federal University-Teacher of English
English - not less than Intermediate
There is no experience of the flight attendant, but there is a desire to take courses and work as a stewardess in your company.
Personal qualities: high working capacity, I know how to find a way out of any difficult situations, analytical mindset, sociability, stress resistance.
Mail ^

Hello, I want to be a flight attendant of your company, Excellent swimming, spoken English, I'm 25 years old, I live in the city of Krasnoyarsk, completed the highest state and municipal management. Growth 167, weight 54, I worked 2 as assistant to the chief of security services. my mail Number 89659047996. When will the contest be held in Krasnoyarsk?

Height 175 see
33 age
Higher linguistic education
English - fluent
German - spoken
Accommodation Vidnoe MO

Experience more than 10 years as an assistant and interpreter of the heads of large Western companies.
I want to be trained in your company as a flight attendant.
Contact tel. 89161602421

Gromova Svetlana Dmitrievna;
23.07.1998 (18 years);
Russian Federation, Moscow
Phone: 89151008582
Height: 160;
Weight: 57-58;
Clothing size: 44-46;
Marital status: single, no children;
Without bad habbits. Negative attitude to alcohol;
Education: 2 course of the Pedagogical University (MGPU) profile physical culture;
English - the basic level (at the level of 11 school grades. Evaluation: 4)
There is no experience of the flight attendant, but there is a desire to take courses and work as a stewardess in your company.
Hobby: Football player of the LFLF "Paneon", team Moscow Komsomolets.
Before that I was engaged in chess and pole gymnastics (pole dance)
Personal qualities:
I am able to lead people behind me, and I can also follow someone. Analytical mindset in combination with communication skills
My weaknesses:
Credibility and reliability. I love to sleep during the day and not sleep at night.

Hello! When does your company receive a set of training for flight attendants?

Hello! My name is: Yarovaya Lyubov Vladimirovna (25 years)
Permanent address: Moscow Region, Noginsk
Height: 165
Weight: 58
Dress size: 42-44
Marital status: single, no children
at the level of knowledge of the English language well.
Convictions have not.
Higher education
My strengths: punctual, hardworking, honest, benevolent.
My weaknesses are: trouble-free, trustfulness.
I have a great desire to work as a flight attendant, in order to gain new skills in this profession and become a useful employee of the airline and help her in her future prosperity.

I will not invent anything. Therefore, right off the bat. In 88 he graduated from the Shchepkin Theater School at the Maly Theater of the USSR, specializing in "drama theater and cinema actor". 25 years worked on Radio Russia as a leading information program, well, that is, reported the country news. Everything is very simple. 89162162612

In a previous post Awaiting contacts :)

Greetings! My full name Kochneva Christina Alexandrovna.
Now, a little about me.
Height: 159
Weight: 49
Dress size: 42-44
Marital status: single, no children
at the level of knowledge of the English language well.
at the level of knowledge of the Chinese language Satisfactory.
Convictions have not.
Higher education
Sociable, very good looks, competent and correct speech, will always find a way out of any situation!
I wanted to work in this direction as sufficiently interesting and exciting profession, which opens a plurality of borders. It is also not unimportant fact will be a desire to travel, and unlimited communication with interesting people.
Your airline just in need of such employee like me. Interaction and dialogue with people - it is my calling :)

You guys see the news? Transaero Airlines no longer flying, they are judged bankrupt. Look for work in other airlines!)

186 growth, 92 weight, athletic. basic English, I live near Ufa, higher education, unfinished dissertation, clothing 54 rr

Hello, my name is Anna A. Leer
Date of Birth: 13.10.1993 (23 years)
Height: 166
Weight: 63
Sizing 42-44
Marital status: single, no children
Spoken English
Higher education SPBGUPTD in the direction of applied mathematics and computer science
I live in Barnaul
no Convictions
Experience: Economist of information
Statement: stress, conflict-free, responsible, sociable, have a desire to learn quickly and apply new knowledge to work, there is a driver's license category B, no bad habits, do sports.
I want to work stewardess in your company!
тел: 8-923-753-22-95

Hello! My name is Olga Lebedeva
Born-31.01.1993 (24 years)
Clothing size -42
Not married, no children
Experience with people who over 8 years
I live in St. Petersburg
Education College Degree
I know basic English
I really want to get into your ranks!

Hello, my name is Anna.
Born 04.01.1980
Location: Moscow
Education: degree in teaching (English)
Languages: Russian native, English: upper intermidiate, Czech-home, German - I read with a dictionary
Marital status: single, no children
Height: 170 see
Weight: 50 kg
Sizing 42-44
Without bad habbits
I want to work flight attendant

Hello! My name is Anastasia G. Muravitskaya
Date of Birth: 01.08.1993 of (23 years)
Height: 175 see
Weight: 55 kg
Dress size: 42
Marital status: Married, one child
Without bad habbits
Rozhivaniya Address: Taraz, ul.Suleymanova square 16 26.
2009-2012 Medium special TKTB Taraz College of engineering and business.
Higher Buch Accounting and Auditing
There is experience in trade, accounting
Languages: English, dictionary, Russian-native, Kazakh-with a dictionary.
Convictions are absent
I really want to work for your airline!
Телефон: +7(777)510-47-79

Date of Birth: 16.08.1994 of (22 years)
Height: 173 see
Weight: 57 kg
Dress size: 44
Marital status: single, no children
Without bad habbits
Residential address: g. Sevastopol, s.Verhnesadovoe, ul.Krasnoselskogo, d.25
Higher education
2012-2016 Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute of Sevastopol National Technical University. Faculty of Philology (English-frvntsuzsky).
There is experience in the service sector, as well as experience in teaching a foreign language.
Languages: English Upper Intermediate, V1 French, Ukrainian, Russian.
Convictions are absent
I really want to work for your airline!
Телефон: +7(978)742-73-96

Good afternoon, my name is Sergey, would very much like to be trained at a flight attendant, and continue to work in your company in this area.
- Education: Higher (learning on the course 4) correspondence department, the NSTU name of the great designer .R.E.Alekseeva
- English (basic)
- Marital status: Single, no children
- Germ 178
- Weight -77
- The age of 27
- No bad habits (greetings fitness area)
тел. +7-904-907-77-60

Born 09.01.1992g
Height: 175 see
Weight: 63 kg
Dress size: 44-46
Marital status: single, no children
Without bad habbits
Residential address: MO, g.Schёlkovo, md Bogorodsky, d.16, kv.69
Higher education
2009-2014 years. South-Russian State Technical University (YURGPU NPI) M.I.Platova name, legal profession (Specialist)
Experience: 03.03.2016 -14.12.2016, the tax inspectorate of Russia in Taganrog, Rostov region. Specialist legal department.
English: Intermediate
Relatives and friends in a / no
Convictions are absent
I really want to work for your airline!
Телефон: +7(961)429-00-99

Good afternoon!
My name is Maria.
26 years 172 cm height, weight 65 kg, clothing size 42-44.
Higher education in the interpreter, the Institute of International Relations of Bratislava.
I have a driver's license category "B"
I possess excellent oral and written communication skills, friendly, able to work in a team, conflict-free.
I have experience in the service sector (hotel business), as well as the personal assistant to the head of a large industrial holding company.
Not married, no children.
Spoken English.
I like to be helpful, to help people open to learning everything new.
I do not have any bad habits.
Very interested in the work on the flight attendant positions.
You can contact me by phone + 7-931-54-22-062 as well as by e-mail

Hello! My name is Venus,
I live in the city of Kazan.
25 years
Sizing 40-42
Higher education terminal "Kazan State Technological University Graduate School of Business"
Citizenship of the Russian Federation
No tattoos and there are no scars.
I can swim
There are foreign passport
I really want to work for you.

Good afternoon.
23 years;
Growth 170;
Sizing 46;
Higher education "Forestry University named after Kirov";
Citizenship of the Russian Federation;
I know how to swim;
At the moment, I do not work;
Not married, no children;
Very interested to work for you

Hello! My name is Yana, I'm 22 years old. Growth 170 Weight 52. I do not have any experience as a cabin attendant, I am ready to start my education in an aviation school. About myself: communicative, stressful, executive, I have an active life position, take a great interest in photography, self-development, personal growth, go to the gym, attend theaters, love cultural life and social events. At the moment I have finished my training in a driving school. I get the rights of category "B". I speak English, German basic knowledge. In 2016, I received a diploma of higher education in Peoples' Friendship University of Russia in the field of tourism. The general experience of work in the sphere of catering 2,5 year (waiter and hostess), in the event 8 months (organizer of children's birthdays). Not married, no children, I live independently. To any kind of activity I approach creatively and with total dedication. Despite my young years I have a lot of experience working with people and understand the psychology of communication and relationships. Interested in development and future work. Very responsible and purposeful

Thank you, happy to answer any additional questions. You can contact me on the number 8-916-070-06-19 (Jan)
or send an e-mail. mail

I'll wait for feedback! All the best

Hello. My name is Ekaterina. I 22 years. Growth 166. Sizing 42. Citizenship of the Russian Federation. Currently I am a student of the course 5 Orenburg Pedagogical University (profile:. Foreign languages ​​(English and German) Experience flight attendant does not have not married, no children have a valid passport and driver's udostoverenie.V currently combine study and work (foreign tutor.. . languages) live directly in Orenburg Personal qualities:. communication, responsiveness and ability to handle stress.
Phone: 89871950509

A great desire to cooperate with you

Hello! I 21, 162 cm height., 43 weight, clothing size 42.Grazhdanstvo RF neoknchennoe higher education (4 course) .Opyta flight attendant work there, but there is a desire to take courses and work flight attendant in your company. 3 years in the restaurant business (waiter, hostess, manager) I know how to get along with people, stress, active and hardworking.
Tattoos no. I can and I like to swim. Not married, no children.
My mail
Tel: 8 981 728 22 15

Zdravstvuyte.menya name is Svetlana, I 21 year citizenship RB. By profession I am a conductor of the passenger car; Corporate ticket cashier. Currently working as a cashier and a traveling Minsk, experience 4 goda.Ne married children net.Imeyu VLEK certificate, a medical examination was held in Minsk, valid until 80291897776.Ochen would like to work in your company

My name is Zinaida
March 18 1994 (22 years)
Height Weight 165 47.
Higher education. State and municipal management SZIU.
Citizenship of the Russian Federation.
I want to work on your airline)
I'd be happy for the response) 89523841683

Hello! My name is Eugene
I want to work flight attendant in your company.
Experience unfortunately not.
I live in the city of Barnaul.
170 growth, 62 weight, age 25let.

Hello !!! My name is Albina
I would like to be trained in your cabin crew, continue to work in your company in this area, for long term
Education: Vocational
English (basic), Ukrainian and Turkish also know
Marital status: married, has a baby son 6 years
-56 Weight, age-23 no bad habits
St. Petersburg City
Personal qualities: communication skills, stress, punctuality, accuracy, fast learner,, kindness, responsibility, commitment, competent rech.S looks okay scars and tattoos otsutstvuyut..Rassmotrite please my candidacy, I have a great desire to cooperate with you Thanks in advance! !!!

flight attendant worked s1190- 2002god .There certificate steward 2 klassa.Zakonchila school styuardess.Imeyu medical obrazovanie.Nalet 6600 hours.



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