Vasily Ershov - aerophobia (2008) .book, reviews, reviews.
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Vasily Ershov - aerophobia (2008) .book, reviews, reviews.

Vasily Yershov - aerophobia (2008) .book, ratings and reviews.


At all times, people wanted to fly. Looking at how the bird hovering in the air, he thought, how it is still not fallen to the ground, and tried to find a force that could elevate man and the sky. And in the end he managed to do so on the strength of their thinking as this and told Nikolai Zhukovsky. And come the birth Aviation, Which was a great invention of mankind in 21 century. A hundred years later, humanity has become afraid of flying on iron birds. Not all of course, the Russians generally, and in fact before the country was famous as the greatest aviation power.

But its residents were frightened phenomenon that happens in aviation in all countries, but special publicity is served only in our country. This phenomenon is now called not only as samolёtopadom. I like a man flying on board the TU-154, 55 years as a flight instructor, I want to say that all this time I was able in safety to carry around a million people. I think you respect people who are masters of the case throughout his life, have achieved successes. And I think the distinguished Flying a case in which I was able to achieve considerable success.

Yershov Vasily