Helicopter Bell H-13D (HTL-4)
Helicopter Bell H-13D (HTL-4)

Helicopter Bell H-13D (HTL-4)


The first order for the US Army was made in the year 1948, 65 when helicopters have been taken under the designation H-13B, later they were given the nickname "Sioux".

He was later released on double helicopter H-13D the ski Sassi. A year later he was released Triple helicopter with dual control H-13E. Next was the H-13G, which is characterized by a small elevator. Later models were released 13N H, H-13E H-13J.


Helicopter Bell H-13D (HTL-4) photo

Helicopter Bell H-13D (HTL-4) photo



Main characteristics of the helicopter Bell H-13D (HTL-4):

  • Basic data

  • Crew 2 people.

  • 150 Maximum speed km / h

  • Service ceiling 3 300 m

  • Flight range 340 km

  • Number X diameter rotors 1X10,5 m

  • Helicopter length 12,5 m

  • Appointment. Communications, surveillance, rescue operations, evacuation of the wounded.


Maximum load:

  • passengers 2 people.

  • or cargo 260 kg

  • Takeoff weight 1 000 kg