Boeing AH-64 Apache
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Helicopter Boeing AH-64 Apache

Helicopter Boeing AH-64 Apache


US Deputy Defense Ministry issued a message, which refers to the receipt by Boeing contract for attack helicopters AH-64 Apache.

For the needs of the US Army contractor, Boeing is to deliver 35 helicopters last modification in the amount of 591 million. Dollars.

Boeing AH-64 Apache

Boeing AH-64 Apache is a four-bladed attack helicopter, equipped with wheel chassis and has a crew consisting of a pilot 2.

Helicopters have weapons - 30 mm automatic cannon M230 Chain Gun with ammunition 1200 shots beneath the main chassis, under the front part of the fuselage of the helicopter. To accommodate the arms installed 4 node external suspension, which are fixed, as a rule, missile launchers AGM-114 Helifire and Hydra 70. To improve the survivability of the helicopter is equipped with additional systems back-up of basic workflows during the flight.

Boeing AH-64 Apache

Model AH-64 Apache has replaced combat helicopter AH-1 Cobra. The last modification made on the helicopter Boeing Defence of plants with 1997 till now. Total produced more than 2000 aircraft.

The US Army is the primary helicopter combat vehicle, and is also used by armed forces in Greece, Japan, Israel, the Netherlands and Singapore. Under the license is made in the UK under the name of Agusta Westland Apache.

The first Apache helicopter samples received in the army in the year 1981. After extensive field testing and have been approved for the mass delivery unit in the US Army during the fighting. In the course of reforms in the Boeing and improvements project, the Apache 1997 produced at the company's plants.

Boeing AH-64 Apache weapons

The modernization of the helicopter issued modifications Apache: AH-64A, AH-64A + / D, AH-64E, WAH-64D.

AH-64 Apache has four blade main rotor and four blade tail rotor. The crew in the cabin of the helicopter is in tandem: the gunner sits in front, and behind the pilot on the dais. On Helicopters mounted power plant, consisting of two turboshaft engines such as GE T700, capacity (depending on version) 1696 - 2100 hp One of the features of Apache helicopter was - the use of an integrated helmet display sighting system (IHADSS). The helmet allows the pilot to control the guided automatic gun with aimed fire on the enemy.

Boeing AH-64 Apache gun

AH-64 designed to perform combat missions around the clock under adverse conditions, through the use of night vision systems.

Technical characteristics of the helicopter Boeing AH-64 Apache:

  • · Crew - 2 people;

  • · Weight (empty) - 5165 kg;

  • · Weight (equipped) - 8000 kg;

  • · Maximum takeoff weight - 10433 XNUMX kg;

  • Power plant - 2 turboshaft engines GE T700-GE-701 $

  • · Maximum speed - 293 km / h;

  • · Cruising speed - 265 km / h;

  • · Radius of hostilities - 476 km and 295 minutes;

  • · Maximum lifting height - 6400 m (with minimum load);

  • Armament: 1x3 ohm M230 Chain Gun with 1200 rounds of ammunition,

  • Rockets Hydra 70 -70 mm and CRV 70 - 70 mm, air-to-ground, AGM-114 Hellfire.


Boeing AH-64 Apache cabin

Helicopter continues to flow to the US Army and its allies held constant modernization and upgrading.


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