Helicopter reconnaissance
Helicopter reconnaissance

Helicopter reconnaissance

What can be considered a plane if it flies over the earth with great speed? When you are flying at a speed of 250-300 m / s, the time to see anything on the ground is extremely difficult. The aid is to be used or photo camera. Often, however, no shooting, no less flight speed can not meet the air reconnaissance.

Above the sea a plane flies. The pilot was tasked with scouting fish in the sea in order to send a fishing fleet there. Suddenly, under the wing in the green depths of the ocean, something seemed. Stop! Here, it seems, there is a fish! But the "stop" is impossible to do: when flying on an airplane, so as not to lose speed and not fall, it is possible to fly over the target, and then you need to somewhere to make a turn, return to the same place where something seemed . Around the same waves, the same white scallops. In these conditions, you will not find not only this "something", but also the very place where this "something" was seen.

In addition, the aircraft must fly to the coastal airport: from the fishing fleet is not its aircraft carriers. Therefore, the plane is "bound" to the bank and can not fly away.

Another thing - the helicopter. For him, "helicopter" can be any vehicle. Along with the fleet goes to sea, he is far from the coast, takes off from the deck of the ship and flies to investigate. But the pilot saw a school of fish and took a helicopter over the shoal of fish with the "fish" speed. Caused by radio Court held a course on the helicopter as the lighthouse.

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Helicopter reconnaissance

The helicopter - the captain of the fishing fleet. On the radio, he directs the course of fishing. Fully aware of the position of the jamb, with it all the time before his eyes, he directs every network in the thick of the fish. When the fishing is finished, the helicopter gets back to the deck of the ship continues to Mr. flight with the flotilla.

And how convenient helicopter to topographical surveys, for geologists!

And for the forester, this is a real treasure. Next to the house of the forester barn, and there - a light helicopter. Forester sits down in a helicopter and flies over his forest; where the dead wood saw where the fire was forgotten to be put out, where the young growth was badly taken, the forester will see everything during this flight.

The imperialists look for other helicopter reconnaissance work. They intend it to land in the enemy rear spies and saboteurs.

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