Helicopter Robinson R44. Photo, video and characteristics
Helicopter Robinson R44. Photo, video and characteristics

Helicopter Robinson R44



Robinson R44- Multi-purpose four-light commercial helicopter production company «Robinson Helicopter», USA.

The helicopter is designed in 1980-e. The first flight was made 31.03.1990 and December 1992 passed certification.



Robinson R44 Astro

Robinson R44 Astro - variant with Robinson Lycoming O-540.


Robinson R44 Raven

Robinson R44 Raven - civilian models with the motor Lycoming O-540 F1 B5 and the metal chassis, which is designed for landing on solid ground.


Robinson R44 Clipper

Robinson R44 Clipper - an option for landing on water with floats.


Robinson R44 RavenII

Robinson R44 Raven II - model year 2002 injection engine Robinson ycomingI O540 AE1 A5, metal chassis, wider rotor blades and equipment for the performance of night flights.


Robinson R44 Clipper II

Robinson R44 Clipper II - version of the Raven II landing on the water with floats.


Robinson R44 IFR Trainer

Robinson R44 IFR Trainer - trainer training version with the optional equipment and the modified cockpit for pilot training.


Robinson R44 Police II

Robinson R44 Police II - patrolman helicopter based Raven II with additional equipment.


Countries operators.

  • US ;.
  • Bolivia ;.
  • Brazil ;.
  • Dominican Republic;.
  • Lebanon ;.
  • Paraguay ;.
  • Peru ;.
  • Salvador ;.
  • Philippines ;.
  • Ecuador ;.
  • Estonia ;.
  • South Africa ;.
  • Russia.


Features helicopter Robinson R44:


  • Purpose: a passenger.
  • Crew: 1 + 3chel.
  • Maximum speed .: 240km / h.
  • Cruising speed: 210km / h.
  • Rate of climb: 5m. / Sec.
  • Flight range: 650km.
  • Flight duration: 3,5chas.
  • Working height: 1500m.
  • Ceiling: 4250m.
  • Engines: 1hLycomingO540 or IO540 (Injection).
  • Engine Type: boxer six-cylinder piston.
  • Power system: a carburetor.
  • Petrol Used 91 / 115 (100 LL).
  • Maximum power .: 260l.s.
  • Fuel consumption: 57l / h.
  • Fuselage length: 9,06m.
  • The length of the screw: 11,75m.
  • The diameter of the tail rotor: 1,47m.
  • The diameter of the rotor: 10,04m.
  • Height: 3, 27m.
  • Track chassis 2,18m.
  • Full take-off weight: 1089kg.
  • Payload: 380kg.
  • Doors: 4.
  • Navigation equipment: daytime flying.
  • Controls: the handle is provided with a circular course "understudy" for dual control lever "step-gas" is located at each seat on the left side.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 120l or 30,6gallona, ​​additional tank 72l or 18,3gallona.
  • Climatic conditions: from minus to plus 30 38 degrees Celsius.


Robinson R44. Gallery.

Robinson R44 helicopter in flightRobinson R44 runwayRobinson R44 on helipad

Robinson R44 photo helicopterRobinson R44 in orangeRobinson R44 helicopter after the flight on the runway

Robinson R44 soarsRobinson R44 in flight side viewRobinson R44 flight helicopter


Robinson R44 training video

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