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Helicopter V-12 (Mi-12). Unsurpassed masterpiece
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Helicopter V-12 (Mi-12). Unsurpassed masterpiece

Helicopter V-12 (Mi-12). Unsurpassed masterpiece



"Even in our time, it's not that impressive, it's stunning. Especially if you get inside. Emotions from feeling inside this huge apparatus are overwhelmed simply because you understand that IT could not just fly, but also with benefit. " (Military Review).

"The hulk weighing about 100 tons has risen with amazing ease, in the sky it was unusually beautiful." This outstanding helicopter was tested by the great test pilot, V.P. Koloshenko: "The flights showed very good handling and stability of the V-12. The helicopter flew steadily with an abandoned control stick from three to seven minutes. There was no flickering before the eyes of the propeller blades, vibrations and noise: I seemed to swim on a huge ship. "

Such comfort in flight can boast only a helicopter of the cross-section scheme, in which the carrier screws are carried from the fuselage to the ends of the wings, which neutralize the vibration from N.V. More wings in flight partially unload the main rotor, due to which the cruising speed and range of flight are increased. It is to increase the range of the Mi-8 helicopter inside the fuselage that there is always a barrel with fuel of the capacity of 800l, which creates certain inconvenience when loading and unloading the helicopter, not counting its burden in the fire-fighting sense and in the fuselage it is superfluous! But everyone was accustomed to this and this position was included in the "norm".

And I retell to the fact that the designers of the MVZ do not produce new models, but succeeded in modernizing the helicopters created by MLMil himself. For example, Mi-24 has been redesigned into both the Mi-28 and the "high-speed" helicopter "a flying platform that looks very nice. Maybe it's time for them to think about upgrading the solid equipment: B-12, so that after the modernization it was even more beautiful! But unlike Mi-24, there will be a lot of work to do, because B-12M was supposed to be powered by 20.000l.s engines, but here the screw-mounted installations from Mi-26 helicopter will be, well, very useful! The support screws of V-12 constructively rotate with overlapping in 1,5. The length of the blade of the helicopter Mi-6 = 17,5m, and Mi-26 = 16m, so the overlap disappears by itself with the same wingspan.

But today's demands carry additional tasks to rotorcraft: an increase in cruising speed over 300km / hour, which in turn will cause propulsion screws, so it will not be superfluous, following the example of its teacher and creator ML Mil, rotorcraft Ka-22, which in flight with increasing speed the power of the engines smoothly flowed onto the pulling screws, unloading NV. But even here today it will be necessary to go further: in the modern rotorcraft, the pulling screws should not be propellers like Ka-22, but the capped coaxial rotors, which are much smaller than diameter, are safe for ground composition and significantly reduce noise in flight.

Yes, and the chassis will also have to be redesigned, since with the old truss mounts, the wheels will not get a high speed flight. And a pair of huge wheels with a diameter of 1,7m, will have to be placed not transversely to the flight, but along the longitudinal axis of the rotorcraft, i.e. one by one. The chassis is still desirable not retractable, because they are also acceptable for speed> 300 / h. The fact is that helicopters unlike airplanes, flights with frequent take-offs and landings are not uncommon, which makes retractable landing gear unprofitable, and non-retractable landing gear can be made with low drag and how this work will be done in an original and competent way depends only on from the designers.

On the fuel tanks. All helicopters from the last century fuel tanks were suspended on the sides of the fuselage and fastened with metal bands, like the famous Mi-8.

Helicopter V-12 (Mi-12). Unsurpassed masterpiece


In the rotorcraft, the main fuel tanks are located in the wings, and the suspended ones should be placed on pylons under the wings, approximately the same as on my favorite MiG-15 fighter

Helicopter V-12 (Mi-12). Unsurpassed masterpiece


It should be assumed that the Ministry of Defense will resume the practice of specific orders for helicopters for the needs of the army aviation and with a specific contract term, instead of waiting for another promise from the KB of the cost center for unrealizable mythical PSV.

But how well would be suitable for the first flights to the airfield Kotelny (Arctic) rotor-wing with propulsion screws of the type V-12M instead of the ruinous Mi-26! Take care of the general designers of the MVZ about this in advance and similar rotorcrafts would long ago have mastered both the Arctic and the Far North with the Far East instead of the aged "Mi." Here the American designer of helicopters S. Sikorsky after the first acquaintance with the B-12 in Le Bourget was able to see its significance: "This helicopter is unique and will be used for performing unique operations. I mean expeditions to Arctic regions or prospecting for oil fields. The helicopter will replace the railway where the human foot has not yet trod. (Science and Life, No. 8, 1998). But Moscow designers from the cost center still do not know that a B-12 type helicopter for our country today is the same vital necessity as combat aircraft and helicopters in Syria!

"If you need to use Mi-12 as a civilian machine, it could accommodate the comfort of 220 people. The helicopter was able to fly 1000 km at a normal load of 25-30 tons, at a cruising speed of 240 km / h. "( 01.04.2014).

I believe that with more powerful engines, yes, plus the replacement of old materials with modern composite loading will increase significantly, say at a distance of 500km. modernized B-12M will transport more than 40., and at a distance of 200km. -> 50T. with a cruising speed of 320-350km / hour.

Exterior: transverse scheme based on B-12; power plants with rotors - from the helicopter Mi-26, the chassis - with low resistance. Yes, and the price will not increase much, because the main and most expensive units - serial!

As for the control of the rotor screws, this issue on V-12 is resolved and there should not be any problems.

There is a hope that designers of the MVZ will work with real projects with the new Glavkom VKS, and the designers of the Kamov company will be really financed and then the real modern projects Ka-92 and Ka-102, which our Army primarily needs, will be really continued; Instead of junk Mi-8 in operation more compact and more power-hungry Ka-32-10AG will start to arrive; will resume the release of the world's best military helicopter Ka-50 "Black Shark"

Helicopter V-12 (Mi-12). Unsurpassed masterpiece


and for helicopters Mi-28NM will be the turn of foreign customers, because "as it turned out, even before the tests were completed, the Mi-28MM strike helicopter could interest potential customers in the face of foreign countries." (Military Review 30 August 2016)

"Mi-28NM has all the advantages of a helicopter, which is in demand today in the market. Tests are now at the finish line, "Borisov said." ( 25.08.2016).

Helicopter V-12 (Mi-12). Unsurpassed masterpiece


Vitalii Belyaev.


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