Input devices and engine hood helicopter
Input devices and engine hood helicopter

Input devices and engine hood helicopter


Output device (RD) and SU engine auxiliary power unit (APU) are arranged so as to avoid overheating of the adjacent structural elements of the helicopter. The layout of the output devices should exclude arbitrary leaking gases and their getting into the helicopter cabin.

Elements of the output device must accept (where applicable) the relative movements and eliminate illegal destruction or deformation of the VU during the expansion of the heating conditions of the engine at all operating conditions.

Hoods (lining) engine nacelles designed and installed so as to withstand the vibration, inertia and other loads from the air stream. It is necessary to ensure sufficient tightness of the engine compartment.

Parts of the hood that are exposed during operation to increased heat due to the proximity to the highly heated surfaces of the engine or their elements of the output devices should be made of materials that can withstand elevated temperatures. To eliminate the possibility of a helicopter being hit by heat-guided missiles, the temperature of the exhaust gases is reduced to the required value. 

For this purpose the output device is installed mixer (ejector).