Types of combat aviation operations
Types of combat aviation operations

Types of combat aviation operations



Destruction of enemy personnel and combat equipment and installations carried out the bulk of combat aircraft by attacking troops and the enemy fleet both on the battlefield and in the rear in a variety of combat positions and troop movements using all modes of transport (road, rail, water and air).

Systematic, repeated air operations not only increase losses in manpower and material resources of the enemy, but also to demoralize its constant threat of attack and thus further undermine its fighting capacity. The greatest effect is achieved by a sudden, bold, decisive air attacks carried out by the relevant aviation with appropriate weapons and such cooperation with ground forces, which would provide timely use of ground forces air strike.



Disruption of the military rear and enemy control to the entire required operational or tactical depth in accordance with the stage of the battle in the operation is carried out mainly by ground attack and bomber aviation, which attacks the headquarters and control centers (violation of control) and destroys communication routes (a break in the supply), structures , warehouses, stations, technical supply and food bases (stock destruction), military-industrial enterprises and civilian enterprises, fuel sources and power stations serving the troops and their rear.

Fighting against enemy aircraft leads all combat aircraft for air supremacy in order to prevent the actions of enemy aircraft and force it to refuse to perform basic tasks and at the same time enable its troops and aircraft to perform combat work without interference from enemy aircraft.



Depending on the stage of the battle or the operation of the air should be more or less long. It reached or air battle, or attack enemy aircraft at its airfields (at the right time to the right time) and, in addition, the destruction of sources of supply and replenishment of the air fleet of the enemy at the site of the theater of military operations. The fight against the enemy air force on the ground is done by the destruction of the material part of aviation personnel and supplies, airfields and destruction of combat aircraft positions.

The main method of destroying enemy aircraft it is the systematic imposition of dogfighting in conjunction with the actions of its airfields.



The success of the struggle for supremacy in the air requires a massive sudden commissioning of all types of aircraft, the organization of close cooperation (in connection with the actions of air defense systems) and application at the moment, in the right place at the right time, forces more powerful than the forces of the enemy (double superiority).

Exploration conducted air fleet in the interests of the aviation and in the interest of the troops and the Navy. Exploration are special reconnaissance units and all the combat aircraft performing combat missions over enemy territory. Any flight over the enemy's location should be used to monitor the air and ground enemy.


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