Vinnitsa Aviation Plant
Vinnitsa Aviation Plant

Vinnitsa Aviation Plant

Vinnitsa Aviation Plant conducts mutually beneficial cooperation with other companies in the field of repair and service small-engine general aviation: Yak-18T, Ahn - 2, Yak-52, Mi-2 helicopters, Ka-26, and their components, as well as the power of the auxiliary install RU 19A-300. In 2001, Vinnitsa Aviation Plant turned forty years old.

Previously, the plant number 421GA, it carried out major repairs of the above and other aircraft in the largest amounts among similar enterprises of the Ministry of Civil Aviation. So, only An-2 aircraft, over forty years repaired more than 10000 units. There have been great changes in recent years in the company: improved technology of repair, and established new types of repair of helicopters and airplanes, the generation of highly skilled professionals aviaremontnikov replaced by new, improved quality system maintenance and production management.

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The State Enterprise "Vinnitsa Aviation Plant" carries out mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of maintenance and repair of engines M14P, M14V26, APU RU-19A-300, AL-62IR bearing system and transmission units of the Mi-2, N2000-0 / A column and P -26 gearbox Ka-26 helicopter.

For maintenance and repair of these devices, the plant has certificates from the Department of Air Transport of Ukraine. Repair of the motor ASH-62 mastered in 2002 year. The certificate was obtained for the right to repair aircraft equipment of the Russian Federation. Aggregates and engines run a full cycle of fault detection, disassembly and testing before delivery and shipment of the finished product to the Customer.

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Many years of experience repairing aircraft engines makes it possible to perform high-quality repair and sale of machines and engines in the short term maintenance products with the remainder of TBO at bargain prices agreed. Repair of helicopters and airplanes. The State Enterprise "Vinnitsa Aviation Plant" is the only enterprise in Ukraine, which is almost retained personnel and production capacity, able to market conditions, make general repairs of aircraft Yak-18T YAK-52, An-2, Ka-26 and Mi-2 .

The plant was awarded certificates for the maintenance and repair of the specified types of aviation equipment of the Ukrainian Department of Air Transport. Helicopters and airplanes undergo a complete repair cycle from dismantling to delivery and testing to the Customer.

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With a sharp decrease in the number of aircraft, which comes in for repair, plant experts and the ASTC Antonov O. design and name. N. Kamov approved and developed technologies for regenerative-tests, allowing to carry out repair work, almost as aircraft, both within the plant and in a major aviation companies. The plant has visiting teams for the execution of these works.

In September 2003 was approved technology repair works (RVR), the An-2 aircraft, allowing to carry out an intermediate medium repair of the aircraft in case of an increased volume of work is not included in the rehabilitation technologies-control works. The plant, along with Experimental Design Bureau may require repairs to prolong and designated An-2 lifetimes aircraft, AV-2 propeller M14V-26, AL-62IR, M14P engines, gearboxes P-26, 26-Ka helicopters and units.

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