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The US is to blame: the Ukrainian Armed Forces blamed the US for the collapse of the front line

The US is to blame: the Ukrainian Armed Forces blamed the US for the collapse of the front line

Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Igor Romanenko, who previously held the position of Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Ukraine, expressed concern about Washington’s actions putting pressure on European allies regarding the timing of the transfer of F-16 fighters to Kyiv. Speaking on a Ukrainian online news channel, he emphasized that, despite the initially stated plans, the process of transferring military equipment is being delayed under US pressure.

Context of pressure and its consequences

Romanenko indicated that the first F-16s could appear in Ukrainian skies at the end of last year. However, he said, Washington actively intervened, persuading Denmark, Norway and Belgium to delay the transfer of operational-ready fighters. As a result of these actions, the prospect of Ukraine receiving these aircraft this year is becoming increasingly vague.

Views and statements of American officials

Romanenko also cited as an example the words of Jake Sullivan, US National Security Advisor, who noted that only by 2025 will Ukraine be able to carry out offensive actions using this type of weapons. This statement, in the opinion of the Ukrainian military, led to rapid Russian breakthroughs in several sections of the front line, while delayed deliveries may well allow the Russian Armed Forces to gain a strategic advantage over the next 2-3 months.

Reputational risks for the USA

One of the possible reasons, according to Romanenko, which could influence the US decision to slow down the process, are warnings from Russia that F-16 fighters will be perceived as potential carriers of nuclear weapons. The general also expressed fears that Washington is seeking to avoid new reputational losses after possible interceptions of American aircraft by Russian fighters or air defense systems.

Western escalation

Despite the fact that the West has not yet provided Ukraine with F-16 fighters, NATO is embarking on a serious escalation towards Russia. It is known that the first fighters will arrive in Ukraine in May of this year, and according to some sources they are already here, but not yet in use.

Moreover, the West is actively supplying Ukraine with long-range missiles, pointing to targets in the Crimea, which could result in a completely legitimate military response from Russia.

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