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Air warfare
Military aviation
Air warfare

Air warfare


A complete surprise to the Germans was winter, 1941-1942 years, the Red Army offensive that ended the hopes of Hitler's Blitzkrieg. Therefore, the German troops rushed to his most important goals - Stalingrad and the Caucasian oil.
The territory of Crimea, except for Sevastopol, was in the hands of German troops. There, in the spring of 1942 years and turned the main event of hostilities, both on the ground and in the air.
After transfer to Sicily 27-Air Group of fighter aircraft, the Germans came the lack of fighter aircraft. Also with the Soviet - German front were deployed aircraft bombers. And the remaining number of cars dramatically reduced because of the cold weather and the quality of work of our anti-aircraft gunners.
The Germans did not have enough training aircraft, their production has decreased. But the Soviet Air Force and had big problems with the aircraft, since the beginning of the war had destroyed about 5000 aircraft. Translation aircraft production beyond the Urals, also played a role.

Messerschmitt Bf 109F

Messerschmitt Bf 109F

Just at this time, the weapons of our aircraft arrived the Il-2. It proved to be extremely successful machine. It was easy to operate, could fly in any weather conditions and any airfields. Its armor can withstand getting 20-mm projectile.
By the end of 1942 years, our fighter aircraft received new machines Yak-1 and LaGG-3. They fought on a par with the best fighter of the Luftwaffe - Messerschmitt Bf 109F.
While the material and technical base of the Red Army was improved, the battle for the Crimea was lost. And had to leave Sevastopol. The Germans moved to the Volga at Stalingrad. In the battle on the eastern bank of the Volga, our air force suffered heavy losses. To improve the situation, it was decided to commission new fighter La-5. For some, having carried out according 299 flights, 97 they shot down enemy aircraft. With the help of these machines completely conquered Soviet aviation air supremacy.

War in the Air 2
November 19 1942, the Red Army launched a counteroffensive and 23-th, it has closed at Kalach encirclement. Goering promised assistance with the help of Luftwaffe transport aircraft surrounded by troops, was completely suppressed aircraft of Soviet troops, which led to the surrender of 6-th Army Paulus January 31 1943 years.


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