Air Troopers
Air Troopers

Air Troopers


Landing - (from the French. Descente - landing, descent), the troops specially prepared and planted (thrown) or for landing (dropping) into enemy territory for combat operations. By the number of troops involved, the nature of the tasks and the depth of the landing (dropping) in the armies of the most developed countries landing can be strategic, operational, tactical and special purpose.

Large increase in carrying capacity of aircraft proposed in the agenda the question of the transfer of air routes is not only small groups of armed men, but also of entire military units, and even parts of the compounds reinforced with the necessary technical means and the firing.

A number of articles of major military experts placed at different times in military journals in England, France, Italy and the USA, as well as the experience of the war in Spain, and especially the last war in the West indicate the possibility of widespread use of airlift and air assault forces.

Air landings can be classified as a process of landing, and intended use in combat.


By way of landing:

  • a) paratroopers pursuing limited objectives;

  • b) landing, planted with airships on the ground (a rare case, the possible theaters in the desert or under especially favorable conditions in unobserved areas);

  • c) a combined landing, to descend by parachute and landing on the ground (a major assault).


In combat designation:

  • a) tactical troops, acting in close coordination with other ground forces; the number of small planted in a tactical enemy rear; has a limited task (capture important tactical turn in the enemy rear, the violation of management or operation of logistics and so on.); Troopers parachuting exclusively;

  • b) the operational troops, acting in conjunction with other ground forces, but more independence; the duration of action of up to two or three days; Troopers large (battalion, regiment with reinforcements); It landed in the enemy's rear with the operational objectives: to demoralize the rear grab rail hub or abroad, to delay reinforcements suitable from the darkness; planted a mixed way.