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Age of aircraft

Age of aircraft. Age of aircraft carriers. Why do you need?



  Information on each airline often contains figures on the age of the fleet. These are figures that speak about the year of release of the aircraft. A rather abstract concept. After all, the plane can fly day and night, idle at least at airports. And another plane will fly only occasionally, more time, idle on the "joke". Serving corporate events, or sometimes charter flights.

  Each aircraft, whether it is a small double Cessna 150Or huge Boeing 747, There is a form, which is conducted by aviation engineers of the company-operator. It records completely all hours of ground work of aircraft engines and airframes, and flight hours. The engines go through a separate article, their operating hours are land-based, and flight data are recorded separately. As the hours of the engine are determined by firms that produce this type. Each engine has a resource, expressed in hours of practical work, summed up from ground and flight work. At the end of this number of hours, the engine must be sent either for recycling or for full repair at the factory, with the extension of the life.

  A very common practice of aircraft leasing implies the lease of an aircraft from a certain airline, which, also, sometimes, took the planes for what is called “rent”, with their subsequent purchase. That is, it turns out that one company has fully exploited the aircraft, squeezing out everything that is possible, and then, having the opportunity to renew its fleet, sells such an aircraft, with the rest of its resource, to another company. So planes can change three or four owners, each of whom drives them wherever possible. In this case, the year of manufacture of the vessel is of great importance. For, having passed through the hands of charter operators, the aircraft is more than 100% worn out. Of course, there is inter-resource routine maintenance, there is heavy routine maintenance, there are hourly RRs, all of which help to identify breakdowns, malfunctions and deterioration of the aircraft, like a glider, engines and equipment. In all types of RR (routine maintenance), it is clearly and unambiguously spelled out which types of work should be carried out, when operating time 50, 100, 500, etc. hours. After completing all types of PPs, the people performing the work and the people who control the implementation and progress of these works are signed in the form. And even if the plane was "laid up", that is, it did not fly at all, RRs must be produced in accordance with the operating rules of this aircraft.

civilian vessels age

  But given that airplanes used for commercial purposes, that is, on regular or charter flights, stand idle a little, the age of the aircraft acquires one of the decisive characteristics of safety and trouble-free flights.

  Why such a long preface, I will explain. The market of air transportation services, and in particular the cost of air tickets, is very strictly subordinated to the tax and legal component. And the airlines themselves receive minimal profits, sometimes balancing on the verge of payback. Leasing, airport, tax fees, maintenance of personnel, flight and technical, fuel, payment of ANI (aeronautical information), all this "eats" most of the profits. Large airlines have another item of expenditure, the content of clearly unprofitable routes. Due to a number of political or economic considerations, such companies support unprofitable routes through profitable and seasonal flights.

  It turns out that the only way to save money for any airline carrier, finding a balance between flight safety and aircraft maintenance. Therefore, buying a fairly cheap ticket for a particular flight, we have to think about how such a price was obtained.

  It is highly recommended, before buying tickets, to get acquainted with the airline that will serve you. And in particular, find out the data of the average age of the aircraft. For example, "Transaero"Has a fleet with an average age of aircraft which - 15,5 years. The "VIM-Avia"This figure is an average year 21. And the airline "Tomskavia»27,2 year!

aircraft repair

  Every year, reputable intergovernmental bodies publish, along with other ratings, the age rating of aircraft of the world's airlines. A very curious document! This rating is divided into three color zones:

  • Planes, whose age is up to 10 years. Green sector.
  • Orange sector by up to 10 15 years.
  • Finally, the red sector, airplanes, whose age is more than 15 years.


  Not superfluous sometimes, and simple passengers to get acquainted with this list. A lot of interesting information can be found in this rating.


  4 Russian airlines are in the first hundred. "aeroflot"One of the twenty" leaders. " A famous, the German «Lufthansa» is a long time in the "orange zone", side by side with many American, Canadian and even Israeli firms.


IndiGo logo


  The list itself (albeit a bit outdated) is limited by “young” companies:

1. IndiGo (India 2,4g.)

2. Wizz Air (Hungary 3,7 years) and

3. Virgin America (clearly from the year-3,8)

A completed "hundreds", five outsiders rating:

96. ExpressJet (US 15,4)

97. Pakistan Int. Airlines (Pakistan 16,3)

98. Delta Airlines (! US 16,7 years)

 99. Air Transat (Canada 16,7 years)

100.UTair (Russia 20let)

  Russian Aeroflot on 17 location (5,3 of the year), S7 takes a middle position on 57 location (9,3 of the year). Transaero to 95 position.

  There is one completely unique airline in Russia - “Izhavia". It may be of great interest to historians of domestic aviation and patriots. The airline's fleet almost (AN-24) 37 years! Another one plane AN-24 34,5 year! And the park "museum" of the aircraft is Tu-134, Yak-42Vapors above An-24and An-26. "Youngsters" presents the production of Yak-42 1996 years. How much this freak show sustained mezhresursnyh overhauls?

  Tip: if you have the time and opportunity, read not only reviews of angry passengers about the quality of food on board, but at least something related to the technical condition and types of aircraft of your carrier. Your life and health falls on their wings!


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The recent scandal with passengers of a Turkish airline who refused to fly on a faulty plane clearly showed that this article is unlikely to be useful to passengers. And for the operators, it is also not suitable, because it is written "on the other hand."


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