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Consumption of bleed air from the compressor to the established service mode as the air capacity of the network connected to the compressor, while the pressure regulated bleed air via vane inlet BHA overhead compressor. The capacity of the air network is changed in accordance with the requirements of the air conditioning system.

The auxiliary turbine engine with inlet air compressor from the service, in addition to the system of protection against exceeding the limit values ​​of the parameters of the working process is usually equipped with a system to protect the compressor from surging service. When selecting air aircraft need less than the minimum capacity of the compressor at a given pressure, excess air is bypassed outside the network.

Location operating points for typical steady-state operation of the compressor official selection at different air to the needs of the consumer shows. Driving and key regulators VGTD with the service compressor shown.

Currently, management VGTD management system is used, containing different types of regulators: hydromechanical, pneumatic and electronic.

The hydromechanical and pneumomechanical controllers as an absolute pressure sensor for air compressor is usually used bellows unit associated with the slide valve, metering the fuel.

Measurement is carried hydromechanical speed tachometer a centrifugal mechanism acts directly on the metering valve, or a device for measuring the pressure in the pneumatic chamber and, further, through a membrane or bellows unit associated with the metering spool.

Regulation of bleed air from the main compressor, if it is oversized for this purpose, or service is often performed compressor pneumatic control or direct the jet regulator on elements pnevmoniki.

Modern SAU VGTD digitally electronic (like FADEC) and implement all control functions as well as control and engine diagnostics.

The objective of the ACS BCR is managing the braking process of a supersonic flow at the entrance to the SU to ensure receipt of the required engine quantity of air with minimal pressure drop (maximum recovery rate of total pressure) and external resistance CS and the required flow characteristics in terms of unevenness and fluctuation of the inlet pressure engine. This must be maintained as a necessary supplies GDU SVZ and the compressor motor.


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