Selecting the channel characteristics of GTE
Selecting the channel characteristics of GTE

Selecting the channel characteristics of GTE



The principle of selecting the channel in such integrated management system is to obtain structural and Equal instrumental errors that would achieve invariance in the accepted sense.

The idea of ​​the nature of governance processes using the system in question, where one of the modes of supersonic flight koordinatah- reduced rotor speed of low pressure) Show Regulation and OT movement relative thereto regulatory body transients caused by sudden throttling engines from mode to mode PF MG. Time rk, amounting to about 0,25 when the autonomous management of the OT, decreased ISAU Prior to 0,08.

Integrated engine and multi-function nozzle.

Using a multi-nozzle device and reverse thrust vector is one of the opportunities for improvement of performance (JITX) promising fighters and improve their combat effectiveness. Implementing features SOU comprising a nozzle with Uzbekistan and OVT, is directly related to the integration of the management of these devices and the motor as well as the SS and aircraft.

SU Management with reversing device. Use of RU bound flight in the first place, the decision of problems in which it is necessary to successfully maneuver the aircraft to carry out sharp braking. The integration of motor control and switchgear could reduce the length of the landing run.

SU management with thrust vectoring. The deviation of the thrust vector can be used as a means of improving JITX, maneuverability and handling characteristics of a promising fighter, allowing secure handling on flight conditions at low speeds, when the lack of effectiveness of the aerodynamic controls to improve the characteristics of lateral stability and lateral control at high angles of attack, to improve takeoff and landing characteristics.

It is important for the management of CET maneuverable aircraft with a high degree of longitudinal instability, which control the direction of the thrust vector is necessary to balance the aircraft. Features integrated management of SU with OVT depend on the concept of building an airplane. Maximum efficiency when using nozzles with thrust vectoring may be achieved by coordinated control nozzle and engine mode.


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