Suspended in the sky (2012)
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Suspended in the sky (2012)

Suspended in the sky (2012)


Against the backdrop of many films about military aviation, highlights South Korea "Slurry to the sky». The film was released in rent in 2012 year, which is very, very favorable impact on the quality of photography and the possibility to capture the spirit of flight.

The story tells of the fighter pilot named Jeong Tae-hoon of the elite squad of Air Force "Black Eagle", which disrupts air show, having made almost impossible aerobatics. It is only logical in a Korean discipline, because of the audacity of them threatened with dismissal. Therefore, it has to transfer to the squadron under the leadership of its full protivopolozhnosti- Lee Chul-Hee. This executive and always follow the rules of the pilot. Of course, the conflict between them this day was inevitable and soon to resolve them have been arranged in the race on the fighters.

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However, in the sky it was seen by North Korean fighter that is configured explicitly hostile and to protect the population was caused by detachment Chul-Hee. That they successfully managed, but one of the pilots was in hostile territory, and the team has only 7 minutes to complete this unusual secret operation!

Visualization of the film simply amazing - It was put on the special effects, apparently, the entire budget. It was conducted as a survey of these aircraft, and for some of the "tricks" was used computer graphics. And in the end, realistic images and excellent installation does not give even blink, in order not to miss a frame of the flight.

Realistic images and excellent installation does not give even blink, so as not to miss a frame of the flight.

Drama happening in the film, such as the poignant, the scene of a child with a photograph of the deceased father's funeral amazingly intertwined with ease, almost impossible for such a film. At each stage of flight is breathtaking - So professional is removed, so realistic that it would be desirable to try his hand at the controls of a fighter. The feeling of flying drunk, giddy, and for a time gave the impression of eternal youth and permissiveness. However, throughout the film is changed along with the main character. Irresponsible boy in the beginning of reborn into an adult, and serious man.

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The cast is very well-matched, especially Raine, played the main role. He is very charismatic and fully disclose the nature of the protagonist, the metamorphosis taking place with him. And with high-quality work the rest of the cast - the whole squadron perceived a harmonious team and integrated team.
The same should also mention the musical component of the tape, which, combined with striking visuals are breathtaking.

In general, the film is as much a spectacle as and dramatic. It's not just a movie about airplanes and flying, but also about the people who run them, with all their ambitions and concerns.