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Xian MA60


Turboprop, twin-engine Xian MA60, is a passenger, short-range aircraft built by Chinese aircraft manufacturers from Xian Aircraft Industry Corporation (AVIC I). The Xian MA60 airplane was designed on the basis of the Xian Y7-200A aircraft, which in turn was produced on the basis of the Soviet An-24 airplane. For this very reason, the new aircraft, Xian MA60, can be considered a continuation of the development of Antonov An-24. This aircraft is designed for use in harsh conditions with limited support from the ground and at aerodromes with small runways. The aircraft is capable of carrying 64 passengers for a distance of up to 1600 kilometers with an average cruising speed of 430 kilometers per hour.

Xian MA60 23

The aircraft was built in the same way as the Soviet An-24. It has the shape of a monoplane with high wing trapezoidal shape.

Under the wing of the aircraft, in nacelles, equipped with two engine turbovintelyatornyh PW-127J power 2750 hp, Canadian production «Pratt & Whitney Canada». Engines equipped with a four-blade propeller diameter 3,93 meters. The aircraft used digital avionics EFIS American manufacturer «Bendix / King». In «Rockwell Collins» cockpit installed four small LCD production company to display the on-board information.

His first flight of the prototype MA60, made in February 25 2000 years.

In June, 2000 years, aircraft Xian MA60, China's civil aviation management, was issued a certificate of airworthiness. US FAA and European JAA certification of airworthiness, aircraft data, obtained and was not.

Xian MA60 Salon

The first aircraft MA60, was delivered to the Chinese air carrier «Sichuan Airlines» in August 2000 years. In addition to China's aircraft operated in some Asian countries as well as African countries. So in 2005, the three aircraft, MA60, were delivered to the African airline «Air Zimbabwe». And in the year 2010 myanmskoy airline «Myanma Airways», they were also purchased three aircraft Xian MA60. These aircraft are also supplied to Tajikistan in the company «Tajik Air», the Philippines, the company «Zest Air» and in the Congo in the company «Air Congo International»

The family of aircraft Xian MA60 represented by the following modifications:

  • Xian MA60 - base, civilian model for the carriage of passengers 64
  • Xian MA60-100 - version with improved performance and larger capacity.
  • Xian MA60-MPA - version for maritime patrol. This version was first presented at Airshow China 2002.
  • Xian MA40 - aircraft version with 40 local interior arrangement. This version is offered to airlines with 2002 years.
  • Xian MA60H-500 - military transport version of the aircraft, having at the end of the fuselage hatch with hinged ramp.
  • Xian MA600 - an upgraded version of the aircraft MA60, with a more powerful powerplant, upgraded avionics and a more comfortable interior. The development of this version was completed June 29 2008 years. At the same time and took the first flight of this modification.

Xian MA60 interior scheme

At the beginning of March 2013 80 year built aircraft Xian MA60, and about 210 aircraft are in an order of the carriers. By the end of the year it is scheduled to release 2016 165 aircraft units Xian MA60.


Technical characteristics of the aircraft Xian MA60


The first flight Xian MA60: 25 2000 February year.

Years of production: at the moment with 2000 years

Length: 24,70 m.

Height: 8,80 m.

Empty weight: 13700 kg.

Wing area: 74,90 sq.m.

Wingspan: 29,20 m.

Cruising speed: 430 km / h..

Maximum speed: 515 km / h..

Ceiling: 7550 m.

Ferry range: 2400 km.

Range at maximum load: 1550 km.

Engines: 2 theater PW127J

Crew: 2 person

Number of seats: 64 places



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Production of "Xian MA60" scheme An-24 surprising. At the time, Soviet designers perfected (for this class of aircraft) fuselage and wing "An-24".
US and European refusal to fly the certificate, possibly intentional. The plane of this size, the. characteristics and capabilities, a serious competitor to the Euro-American cars in its class.