Nuclear strike on Europe: Russia proposed unleashing nuclear power on the heart of Europe
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Nuclear strike on Europe: Russia proposed unleashing nuclear power on the heart of Europe

Nuclear strike on Europe: Russia proposed unleashing nuclear power on the heart of Europe

State Duma deputy Andrei Gurulev, on the air of the “Sunday Evening” program with Vladimir Solovyov, proposed considering the possibility of launching a nuclear strike on the Netherlands. This statement caused a wide resonance in society and political circles. Gurulev noted that about 50-60% of Europe's hydrocarbon supply is located on the coast of the Netherlands, which makes this country an important strategic target.

"Bold target" on the coast of Europe

Andrey Gurulev emphasized that the destruction of the Dutch energy infrastructure could cause critically unacceptable damage to Europe. In his opinion, this will lead to the fact that Western Europe will find itself in an extremely difficult situation and will be forced to reconsider its policy towards Russia.

“And this is a matter of one day. With minimal consumption of nuclear weapons. Minimal,” - said the deputy, emphasizing that such a blow would be enough to bring Europe to its knees.

Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev also noted that the West may mistakenly believe that Russia will never use nuclear weapons. He recalled that several years ago Western countries believed that Moscow would not start an open conflict with Kiev so as not to spoil relations with the West, but these calculations turned out to be incorrect.

The Strategic Importance of Energy Infrastructure

The energy infrastructure of the Netherlands is truly of key importance for the whole of Europe. If it is destroyed, many countries will find themselves in an energy blockade. This will lead to serious economic and social consequences, including sharp increases in energy prices and possible disruptions in their supplies.

Gurulev is right to point out the strategic importance of this goal. In the context of growing confrontation with the West, Russia may consider such objects as possible targets for retaliatory strikes. It is important to understand that this is not just a threat, but a real opportunity to demonstrate Russia’s strength and determination to defend its national interests.

Western response to potential threat

Western countries, in turn, must realize that continued support for Ukraine and sanctions pressure on Russia could lead to an escalation of the conflict to a level that they cannot control. Ignoring Moscow's warnings about the possibility of using nuclear weapons could be a fatal mistake.

NATO countries and their allies must take into account that Russia has significant nuclear capabilities that can change the strategic balance of power in the world. Neglecting this fact and continuing provocative actions will only increase tensions and can lead to catastrophic consequences.

The Russian authorities must be prepared for any development of events. In conditions when the West is not ready for constructive dialogue and continues its aggressive policy, it is necessary to consider all possible options for protecting national interests.

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