Japanese stewardess
Japanese stewardess

Japanese stewardess. Japanese flight attendants.

Japanese flight attendants have long been the talk of the town on the Internet. What did not suffer these poor girls due to the fact that once the chosen flight difficult profession. Flight attendants from Japan - just like a priestess beautiful geisha: they slept on some "forks", went with this plastered on his face, and those for the glory, and stripped, and Photoshop, someone in that much ...

What can I say: popularity - hard work. Have to. Not so long ago, for example, the entire Network was indignantly noisy about the fact that Japanese flight attendants began to complain about too short skirts: they were forced to walk, barely covering the place where their legs grow from. Here, then the evidence was presented! Until now, "walk" on the network photos, in which the Japanese, allegedly, flight attendants, with atypically straight and long legs for this nation, show evidence of "bullying" of employers.

Japanese stewardess 1

Japanese stewardess

In general, it is surprising: all airlines attach great importance to the image of flight attendants, and uniforms, in particular. Distinguished designers are attracted, national color is used. But for some reason, the Japanese have achieved the greatest recognition. What are we worse? - Chinese women could be indignant or Korean. But, no: it is the Japanese flight attendants who care, the male gender, like no other.

Do not overlook such a sexy element of the flight uniform, as the cap of a flight attendant. So much so that enterprising businessmen sell Japanese stewardess costumes with evenings in adult stores.

And, meanwhile, not at all such girls can be found on the flights of Japanese companies. Modest hardworking, smiling: Chihiro Yamaguchi - one of them. Japanese air hostess JAL, who has been long behind 35, but she still works. Although we all know that the girl’s summer career is as short as the model one. But not for those who can monitor their appearance, is distinguished by flawless manners and performs his duties well.

Chihiro lives in Tokyo. She graduated from the prestigious University majoring in "English philology and literature." Discipline, a high culture of service - that's what made Chihiro an exemplary stewardess, who is set as an example of newly hired girls. The mistress's business is physically difficult: there is overload and dry air on board. And I have to keep smiling all the time. Stewardesses are often told that this causes premature wrinkles. But Chihiro knows how to handle this. First, you need to constantly drink water. According to her, the value is not the amount of fluid you drink, but regularly.

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Japanese stewardess

By the way, when the airline JAL has moved to new Boeings, the most happy conductors: the fact that the rate of humidity here on 20% higher than in the old machines.

Japanese flight attendants constantly use hand cream. At home, after the flight, Chihiro always includes a humidifier. She also regularly visits the gym. In particular, it pumps the abdominal muscles: they must be in good shape in order to maintain posture.

Those who want to work as a conductor on board must have excellent health. In this profession, varicose leg disease often develops. It is connected not only with the need to constantly go back and forth. The pressure drops on take-offs and landings have a very negative impact. Chihiro has a predisposition for varicose veins, but she has a little secret in the form of a golf ball. She does this exercise with him: he rolls the ball with his foot back and forth - from the fingers to the heel and back. Two to three minutes for each leg - and blood circulation is normalized.

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