Yaroslavl Military School of Air Defense
Yaroslavl Military School of Air Defense

Yaroslavl Higher Military School of Air Defense or JAVUU Air Defense is a higher education institution of the RF Ministry of Defense located in the city of Yaroslavl, which trains officers for radio engineering and anti-aircraft missile forces of the Aerospace Forces.


The military school occupies a monument of architecture of federal significance, located on Moskovsky Prospekt - the classic ensemble of the cadet corps. The eastern (main) building was built at the end of the 19 century.



Yaroslavl Military Technical School of Air Defense Forces was created on October 15 1951. The first name is "military unit 71543". It was located in the architectural complex, where, since 1797, there were various military, including educational institutions.


In winter, the school was renamed 1965 to the Yaroslavl Radio Engineering School of Air Defense, and in April 1968 of the year - to the Yaroslavl Higher Air Defense Missile Command School of Air Defense, in which they studied 4 of the year. In commemoration of the sixtieth anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, the school was given a new name “to them. 60 anniversary of Great October.

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In 1993, the school took a five-year term of study. In 1997, the school opened an adjuncture for the training of scientific and pedagogical personnel. In 1998, the school received a new name of the Yaroslavl anti-aircraft missile defense institute of the country.


In 2002, the institute was renamed the Yaroslavl Higher Air Defense Missile School for Air Defense.


In the 2010 year, as a result of the adoption of military reform, students were not recruited, even rumors of closure were circulating. However, in the autumn of the same year, it became known that the Air Defense Forces will not be closed, like many other military universities in the country. Moreover, it will remain the only one where air defense specialists will be trained and one of the four that will prepare officers for air defense and air force. Under the school identified the building of the closed Military Financial and Economic Institute on the street. Big October.


In the summer of 2009, the students were transferred to the military institute from the Tambov Aviation School, where they continued their studies in the specialty of aviation control systems.


In September, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill 2010 consecrated the house church in the name of the Holy Blessed Grand Duke Alexander Nevsky during the Yaroslavl anti-Soviet defense camp.


In the summer of 2011, the cadets were transferred from the St. Petersburg Military School of Radio Electronics to continue their studies. The cadets continued their studies in the specialty RTV Air Force.

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In 2012, the Yaroslavl VZRU defense became a branch of the Military Space Academy. A.F. Mozhaisky, after 2 years, the recruitment of cadets continued again.


Current state


The training process takes place in 6 military specialties within the framework of 3 civilian specialties with higher special education "Automated information processing and control systems", "Radio-electronic systems" and "Computers, systems, complexes and networks."


Also in school:

  • Scientific research is being carried out in the field of military equipment operation, its use and cadet training techniques.
  • Junior specialists are being trained for further service in the Air Defense Forces.
  • Programs of advanced training and retraining for officers in various specialties of air defense are being implemented.
  • Foreign military specialists are trained.


In addition, it is worth noting that on the basis of the school there is a dissertation council for the defense of dissertations for the degree of candidate and doctor of technical sciences in the field of "Military electronics, equipment for military purposes", "Operation and restoration of military equipment and weapons, technical support."

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The school has a modern teaching and material base, regularly improving as the creation of training and training facilities based on the standard equipment of radio engineering, anti-aircraft missile and modern information technology. The internal local information-computing network is working and constantly developing using optical communication channels.


To improve equipment, the military school relies on fruitful cooperation with leading domestic manufacturers of recycling equipment: Almaz-Antey Design Bureau, Information Technology Research Institute (Tver), Dolta OJSC, Russian Technologies State Corporation, Almaz Antei Air Defense Concern OJSC ", JSC" Defense Systems ", etc. The practice of using and operating weapons is mastered at the Telemba and Ashuluk test sites, where students make combat crews, carry out flights on IL-76 airplanes, and firing combat training regiments. The Yaroslavl Military School, based on the results of competitions held among the number of military units, was always awarded prizes.


At the moment, six doctoral sciences, ten professors, 79 candidates of sciences and 42 assistant professor work in the school.


Yaroslavskoe VZRU Air Defense is a basic military educational institution of the RF Armed Forces, which trains specialists for the air defense missile units of the Navy and specialists for the Air Force missile defense systems on the C-300 air defense missile system, as well as the regimental command and control systems.


It is worth noting that the staff of the school participates in the parade of troops on Victory Day in Red Square, starting with 2009.

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In addition to the students of the college, in one of its corps the training of soldiers carrying military service is carried out. To be sent to the troops in the status of junior specialists.


Training of cadets in specialties was organized in stages and consists of several levels. In junior courses, cadets gain practical experience in operating military equipment and weapons of a soldier, sergeant level, while in senior courses they gain experience as a head of calculation, department. The final stage of training is the independent operation of radio-technical complexes and anti-aircraft missile systems. Acquired skills and knowledge are honed in the training center of combat training and combat use of the VKS for the destruction of targets that imitate the means of air attack of the enemy.


Having a high scientific and pedagogical potential, established traditions of education and training of cadets and students, a stable moral and ethical atmosphere in subdivisions, the Higher Military School of Air Defense provides training for qualified officers devoted to the Motherland.


Living conditions and rewards


Since 2013, the Yaroslavl College is an independent institution in the system of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Own efforts and support from the state allowed creating comfortable conditions for cadets. From the second year of study, excellent students can make a contact for military service, that is, they can receive some financial support (from sixteen thousand rubles).

At school the cadets are in full state security - the form, food, travel to study and to the house is paid by the state. They feed in canteens well, a choice of dishes is offered. Dormitories with decent living conditions — shower cabins, washing machines, and hot water — are allocated for living. Due to the specifics of the service, the student hostel does not provide for the resettlement of several people in the rooms - here everything is done by a common team.

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Immaculate discipline and excellent study are encouraged to leave. Particularly talented students are awarded eminent scholarships. Students lagging behind in knowledge may receive additional hours for training.


Rules of admission to the Yaroslavl Higher Military School of Air Defense


The term of study on the specialty "Special radio systems" and "The use and operation of automated systems for special purposes" - 5 years. Graduates who have fulfilled all the requirements for the curriculum and have passed the final state attestation receive the qualification “Specialist” in the specialization they have received. They are issued a diploma of higher vocational education, as well as an officer rank of "lieutenant".


What are the requirements for candidates?


As candidates may be citizens with vocational education (in addition to higher education) or secondary general education, from among:

  • Citizens by age - from 16 to 22 years (citizens who have not performed military service before);
  • citizens who have passed military service, as well as military servicemen who are doing military service by conscription - up to the age of 24 years;
  • contract servicemen (with the exception of officers) - until the age of 27.


Attention! Age is determined as of August 1.


How is the pre-selection of candidates?


Candidates from military personnel and citizens who have not completed or undergone military service, draw up documents for admission in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Defense No. 185 of April 7 from 2015. ".

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Professional selection of candidates

The selection of candidates for admission is carried out by the selection committee of the school in order to determine the possibility of candidates to study relevant military educational programs, and consist of:

  • determination of fitness for health education;
  • entrance examinations: assessment of the level of general education of candidates for admission based on the results of the Unified State Exam in such general educational subjects as mathematics, Russian language and physics;
  • assessment of physical training based on the results of the following exercises: running on 3 km, on its 100 meters, pulling up on the crossbar.


Learning perspective

Today, graduates of the Yaroslavl Higher Military School of Air Defense can be found in many garrisons in Russia. Wherever their service is sent, they defend the air borders of our immense country with honor. Many of them have managed to build a brilliant career and occupy high positions, command units and formations, make a significant contribution to the development of military affairs, and are engaged in educational or military-scientific activities.


Graduates of the Yaroslavl Higher Military School of Air Defense are guaranteed:

  • free housing in the mortgage system;

  • free travel to the place of leave and back to the serviceman or a member of his family for those undergoing contract military service in areas of the far north, as well as localities equal to them;

  • high monetary allowance;

  • food package for military contract servicemen serving in areas of the outermost server and equivalent areas or being in training exercises;

  • free medicine for military personnel and their families (including retired and stock military personnel).

Yaroslavl Military School of Air Defense

Successful graduates

  • Major Generals: A. B. Alisov, V. E. Aleshin, N. L. Anisimov, V. A. Boriskov, V. I. Antonov, V. S. Borodachev, V. I. Zaitsev, V. A. Bryukhov, V.D. Korolev, E. I. Novinsky, A. N. Melekhov, D. P. Pakhmelkin, V. Ya. Onishchenko, N. I. Prigolovkin, S. V. Popov, D. P. Pakhmelkin, P. I. Provorov, V.N. Ryzhonkov, B.N. Suslov, N.N. Sobinov, S.P. Shestakov.

  • Lieutenant-Generals: V. G. Kokorev, E. A. Boltov, N. A. Kurochkin, P. A. Kuznetsov, V. F. Nezhurin, V. N. Mayorov, Yu. I. Pavlov, V. A. Novikov, A. N. Ryzhov.

  • Colonel-General V.F. Myruk.


Doctor of Sciences F.G. Seyranyan, V.D. Korolev, A.I. Oxenkrug, R.A. Savushkin, N.V. Abrosimov.


  • Address: 150001, Yaroslavl, Moskovsky prospect, house 28

  • Phones: College attendant: (4852) 20-08-14, 32-90-82

  • Admissions Office: (4852) 30-93-28, ext. 12-69, 12-35

  • Fax: (4852) 73-17-77

  • Email: [email protected]


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