FOR TSZSVS of a Mercedes chassis
FOR TSZSVS of a Mercedes chassis

FOR TSZSVS of a Mercedes chassis Germany France


The tanker from hydrants of the Mercedes CLSWS (2000 l / min) is intended for refueling aircraft from the system of underground fuel stations. Benefits Smart Frame concept (elements fixed to an open frame)

- Modular concept

- Frame protected by sandblasting, metallization and painting

Performance - 2000l / min.

The machine complies with modern requirements and ICAO certificates.

The dispensing hose with an adjustable connection to the hydrant, there is a mechanical lift system and hose reel refueling aircraft. The filtration system is represented on the filter -vodootdelitelem 2000 l / min, fully conforms to API / IP. The sampling system is located at the outlet and the filter inlet. Measurement system is represented by a measuring device with backlit for refueling aircraft in the night. Reel refueling hose was developed by "Titan" s equipped with a hydraulic drive with beztsepnoy transmission.

Lifting platform Vertical movement of "scissors" type with hydraulic drive, lifting height from ground level 4.20 m (operating height 6.00 m). Adjustment Primary: pressure control valve at the end of the dispensing hose (HEPCV) Secondary: built-in pressure control valve on the hydrant connection. Control is carried out through the Software Logic Controller, all electrical circuits are numbered on both sides, with all-weather insulation. Anticorrosion treatment of the body is made by sandblasting, metallization and painting. Security system: "DEADMAN" system with timer, sound signal and light warning

- Locking system (warning light + buzzer in the cab)

- The emergency stop system

- Disaster reduction platform

- Speed ​​limit 25 km / h

- Powder fire extinguisher (9kg)

Length, mm




Height, mm


Weight, kg



Refueling the aircraft. Airport refueling equipment.

Refill the hub units of the system and their types

CZ 1 M 

TSZT 4 (4M / 4M2)

MAN TGL 8.150 4x2 Euro3 

Petrol Renault

MAZ 4370 mobile unit 

Military refueling unit Peugeot

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