Why flight attendants put his feet on the dashboard?

Recent trend - flight attendants put their feet on the dashboard?

Why are they doing that?

Why do pilots give them that name?

Do they do it without permission?

It could have been better

This is an aerobatic figure.

This is an aerobatic figure.

It's very simple: girls love to hug with their feet, especially something warm and well-known. And then after landing, only cooling devices in the cockpit :)

People in power can be, but they can not? Not fair like that.
Leave the girls alone. For a cool picture they are ready for anything)

According to the instructions, so that your hands do not touch anything! Position during breaks! )))

pilots in the buzz shoot ....)


if the legs are beautiful - then why not put them on the panel? beautiful legs can be put on the shoulders! .. yes at least where!

It's just a competition - find out the type of aircraft on the panel under your feet :-)

Under the old regime, we beat 800 hours per year on AN-2, on АХР, and not a single padla hoof was thrown onto the dashboard. Dirted them in other places.

Hmm ... Did the AN-2 have flight attendants? When the old mode was flying a passenger on them 20 years and never even a flight attendant phantom did not meet on board! And the dashboard of the "corncob" is almost like a car, or even less than a modern one - you can’t easily stretch your legs on it!


Not all flight attendants put their feet on the dashboard, only those with pilots do it ...

And since with the pilots everything - everything and put

And why then the stewards and assistant pilots do not put their feet on the torpedo? Or do they put something else?

Because the flight attendants are beautiful, and their legs and figures are always pleasing to the eye. And the instrument panel is a serious safety management zone. Ladies show they are better

It seems to me that the flight attendants are constantly on their feet, so for this, as if the blood rose to the top, they are allowed to do that!

I also spend a lot of time on my feet and made varicose veins. Now the doctors advise that it is imperative to lie down with your legs up in order not to be left without legs at all. Like this!

On the panel?

one of us flew, after 8 years I became sick, from flying with vessels a goal. brain problems

Did he lay his feet on the appliances?

Military pilots 25 fly and all the brains are in place. Can continue to continue, with a strong desire

Military pilots fly less than civilians on 10

Military pilots and loads are completely different ...

.... to show new shoes and extraordinary slim legs.

It is a pity that there were no flight attendants on Su17M2!

If you did not close the dashboard, then you can put, and so only in the rear cabin Sparki

for sure!

... It is not a miracle to reward me for such speeches
nobody puts his legs on his shoulders ...
Joseph Brodsky

beautiful legs you can put at least where! and no one will say anything ... even on the neck!

Ventilated before the act !!!

This Manda @ Lina remembers the readings of the instruments in statics.

And then, as in the joke "Who threw the boots on the console?"

Exactly ... and then the instrument readings do not match)

Mysterious rite of passage. So the flight will be normal. And what, the pilots against?

They can not sit by the rules of the airline. Because of this, they have swollen legs, and this position contributes to the outflow of blood from the lower extremities, where it accumulates during the voyage.

blood drains from the legs and flows to the head, new thoughts appear, what else can be put on the panel

it is your insult that your legs do not lie on the panel, learn to be a flight attendant and your legs will be ............... if health and knowledge allows.

And you work standing on your heels for many hours and you will absolutely not care where to throw your legs, if only you can rest a little

Even on the shoulders of pilots? wow

This is aerobatics)))

Most of the photos in Photoshop .. and clumsy))

Do not lie connoisseur. Here is always the smartest expert. Tyufu!

So it is more convenient to engage in intim

This is so that their breast milk does not disappear. Suddenly, someone to feed in flight is necessary, as in Indonesia just now happened

Because one did, and others repeat ...
But in general - positive

Such legs are not a sin and put somewhere. Just a sin to hide and not show them.

First on the panel .... then "on the shoulders" ... and as given !!! as gave !!!

More they show nothing.



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