Why flight attendants put his feet on the dashboard?

Recent trend - flight attendants put their feet on the dashboard?

Why are they doing that?

Why do pilots give them that name?

Do they do it without permission?

And then, as in the joke "Who threw the boots on the console?"

Exactly ... and then the instrument readings do not match)

Mysterious rite of passage. So the flight will be normal. And what, the pilots against?

They can not sit by the rules of the airline. Because of this, they have swollen legs, and this position contributes to the outflow of blood from the lower extremities, where it accumulates during the voyage.

blood drains from the legs and flows to the head, new thoughts appear, what else can be put on the panel

it is your insult that your legs do not lie on the panel, learn to be a flight attendant and your legs will be ............... if health and knowledge allows.

And you work standing on your heels for many hours and you will absolutely not care where to throw your legs, if only you can rest a little

Even on the shoulders of pilots? wow

This is aerobatics)))

Most of the photos in Photoshop .. and clumsy))

Do not lie connoisseur. Here is always the smartest expert. Tyufu!

So it is more convenient to engage in intim

This is so that their breast milk does not disappear. Suddenly, someone to feed in flight is necessary, as in Indonesia just now happened

Because one did, and others repeat ...
But in general - positive

Such legs are not a sin and put somewhere. Just a sin to hide and not show them.

First on the panel .... then "on the shoulders" ... and as given !!! as gave !!!

then to the panel :) When they trample from work :)

More they show nothing.

Bullying the caps, they demonstrate their hidden desires. After all, no more.

Put your feet on the Dashboard ?!

1. It happens on earth.
2. Feet get tired to walk a lot, especially after the flight.

I agree completely. walk on such heels all day long. I was traveling once in a bus with a flight attendant, we talked, said, I want to sleep, sleep and sleep ... flights, time zones change, flight delays ... even where you throw your legs, so that you can relax a little

How is it why? To accidentally press a tumbler or a button and the plane then, due to these TPSheks, came up with all the people on board.

So better to see the legs!

Pilots give them to do it, and for that they then give pilots.