Zala Aero ZALA 421-02
Zala Aero ZALA 421-02

Zala Aero ZALA 421-02

ZALA 421-02 - unmanned autonomous aircraft, which has a vertical takeoff and landing and used for surveillance, reconnaissance, targeting and solving other problems.

UAV fuselage is made of very light composite materials, thus achieving good value for capacity and power.

The power plant is represented by a two-cylinder, two-stroke air-cooled engine power 20 hp The device is able to carry on board up to 50 kg payload.

The control station is equipped with two laptops. The first is for programming the flight control, the second is responsible for the management and payload processing of photographic materials. Using the NSO can simultaneously control the payload and use the data for planning the flight task. It is possible photography, video viewing and recording.

UAV control in automatic mode is possible with the help of the command system or through the integration of the program into the tactical network. From automatic to manual mode, you can go at any time of the flight vehicle. At the same time you can add, delete and modify routing information using the user interface. flight stabilization in both the UAV flight modes automatically.

Zala Aero ZALA 421-02. Characteristics:

Modification Zala 421-02
The diameter of the rotor, m 3.064
Length m 2.64
Height, m 0.795
Width, m 0.56
Weight, kg  
null 40
maximum take-off 95
engine's type 1 AP
Power, hp X 1 20
Maximum speed km / h 150
Cruising speed, km / h 80
Radius of action, km 50
Flight duration, h 6
Practical ceiling, m 4000


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