Zala Aero ZALA 421-16
Zala Aero ZALA 421-16

Zala Aero ZALA 421-16

ZALA 421-16 - a special set on the basis of drone aircraft type, remote monitoring, with an average duration of the flight. The creation of this model was a revolutionary step in the development of Russian design and operation of systems with UAVs. ZALA 421-16 different implementation of a completely new and modern solutions, the use of which had a positive impact on all the indicators of the unit.

July 10 2009 of this UAV set a record duration of the flight, which was h 12. 21 min.

Create Zala 421-16 questioned the relevance of the use of UAVs for flight airfield equipment.

The purpose of this unmanned vehicle is to observe in a wide range of weather conditions of the underlying surface (dry land, water and in conditions of complex terrain), the detection and search of objects. Provides real-time transmission and reception of thermal imaging and television images of the terrain, works as a repeater, identifies objects and coordinates of observation, collects, processes and accumulates other information. The complex is equipped with a new software package VIZA, which greatly simplifies the work of the decryptor.

The standard version of the UAV is a mirror digital camera with a resolution of 10 megapixels and a video camera with a video recording and digitization device installed on a gyrostabilized platform. In the optional version, the device is equipped with an IR camera. The UAV is able to deliver medications, weapons and cargo for distances up to 50 km with an accuracy of 200 m. In the event of failure of radio electronic devices, it is provided for the inclusion of a backup navigation system. The composition of the payload is planned to be expanded by a small-sized remote gas analyzer. Also in the long term, the list of tasks performed by the complex can be expanded by target designation and retransmission of data.

Similar to the previously released models ZALA 421-08 and ZALA 421-04M, the ZALA 421-16 was created using the aerodynamic scheme of the "flying wing" type. The main competitor of this drone is the UAV "Aileron-10D". In the development of ZALA 421-16 much attention was paid to ensure its low visibility. It is thanks to this that many defense and security structures of Russia need such a complex. In particular, the representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Internal Affairs, FS of the FSB and the Ministry of Defense are interested in its operation. The Border Guard Service reported that, in terms of its tactical and technical characteristics, the ZALA 421-16 unmanned vehicle is excellent for carrying out various tasks for the protection of the state border, in particular, for long-range long-distance flights.

Zala Aero ZALA 421-16. Characteristics:

Modification Zala 421-16
The diameter of the rotor, m 1.62
Length m  
Height, m  
Width, m  
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 18
engine's type 1 ICE
Power, hp 1 x
Maximum speed km / h 150
Cruising speed, km / h 70
Radius of action, km 50
The duration of the flight, ch.min 4-7
Practical ceiling, m  


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