Replacing the Mi-8. Is it necessary?
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Replacing the Mi-8. Is it necessary?

                    Replacing the Mi-8. Is it necessary?


Truly helicopter MI-8 - veteran, veteran and champion.

It was released by Mil Design Bureau back in May 1960. To date, more than 12 thousand helicopters of this series, of various modifications, have been produced. It is the most massive helicopter in the world in the twin-engine helicopter lineup. And the most massive in world aviation. Aviation veteran for so many years Mi-8 acquired numerous "relatives", in fact, remaining visually the same B-8, which first took to the air on July 6, 1961.


Here are the main modifications of the famous car:

  • Mi-8MT the replacement of engines on TV3-117, and an additional APU.

  • Mi-17 export Mi-8MT

  • Mi-8AMT modified civilian transport.

  • Mi-171E - exported.

  • Mi-171SH or Mi-17 AMTSH assault.

  • Mi-8MTV deep modernization and refurbishment.


Mi-8 photo

Mi-8 photo


  On the basic version of the Mi-8 and Mi-8MTV, there were modifications of the transport, airborne, health, EW version and jammer, command center, mine director.

  Few people from the wide strata of the population know another military modification, the amphibian Mi-14. He is able to sit on the water in the sea, the ocean, albeit with some reservations. It was used for search and rescue at sea. As a torpedo bomber to fight submarines. Like a submarine tracking helicopter. At the same time, he towed a hydro-acoustic buoy.

  And now in Ulan-Ude and Kazan, the release of a glorious helicopter continues. He undergoes a deep modernization. Appearance is also changing. Changing avionics and much more. As before, I work in the country for air repair plants serving the Mi-8 of all modifications. There is a number of factories for the production of components and spare parts in the country.


Mi-8 2 photo

Mi-8 photo


In many countries, there are centers of service with our experts. This is Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia. Many of them are in operation in Europe. Helicopter undemanding, simple and easy to maintain. Relatively inexpensive to operate. And because a well-deserved appreciation among pilots and technical staff. And not for nothing that in hot spots around the world, the UN mission is using this machine! And many of the higher ranks of the helicopter used in the embodiment of VIP cabin increased comfort. There are just options on 28 passenger seats.

  The largest operator in Russia today is UTair. They have over 200 units.


 “Who sews pants to the kids? Of course, not a pilot! ”
                                                     (S. Mikhalkov)


  • Who delivers and oil drillers?

  • Who rolls on fishing and hunting officials and businessmen?

  • Who rescues the hapless fishermen from detached floes?

  • What can be reached in the autumn and spring thaw in the most remote, remote places of our neobyatnoy ...?

  • And of whose accidents or incidents to us more often reported in the news ...?


Yeah .. you are right, that's all it is. A tireless workaholic Mi-8.

What does a "Russian Helicopters" to replace the veteran? ... Read the next part ...


Valery Smirnov specifically for

Dear Valery Smirnov, do not know your relationship to helicopters in general, but the helicopter Mi-8 long time needs to be replaced, because it is outdated both morally and physically, for all his hard work. From that its designers a cost center and otherwise upgrade that with 80-years of the last century from their CB in our aircraft has been received is not a new model.

Dear Vitali! What does the new model have to do with it? Most of the Mi-8, flying now in Russia - have long ago developed their resource and need a banal replacement. And so how to change them depends on the price, flight technical and operational characteristics. Given the diversity of our country, and the choice of replacement can be very, very different.


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