Replacing the Mi-8. Is it necessary? Part 2
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Replacing the Mi-8. Is it necessary? Part 2

Replacing the Mi-8. Is it necessary? Part 2 




In 2007, the Russian helicopter companies were merged into holding "Helicopters of Russia" ("daughter" OPK "Oboronprom").

Five helicopter plant, two design bureaus, enterprises of components and Helicopter Service Company - are included in this holding. The turnover of the holding 125,7 billion rubles. 290 supply units of equipment (IAS 2012 year.)

But financial engineering idea does not stand still.

What does a "Russian Helicopters" to replace the veteran?
With uncharacteristic Kamovskoye CB scheme with a single rotor.
Helicopter announced as the replacement of Mi-8 all modifications. It has a capacity of about 2t. a 12-15 passengers. The car is beautiful, modern, rapid. With fashionable tail rotor in the annular channel in Kiel (fenestron). It is in full swing assembly first two prototypes, flight models.

So we have: helicopter turboshaft engines equipped with Ardiden 3G Turbomeca (hello "Motor-Sich"!).


Transmission from Austria Zoenkler (hi domestic producers!).

 Domestic surveyors happily rubbing their hands ... Certification is planned this year! And in vain! The first contract is with a Brazilian company! We are waiting in our sky!
December 9 2012, he has departed. Assembled at the company "Helivert" of Italian subassemblies. Almost completely Italian helicopter. For deliveries to the external market. For domestic manufacturers by segment ... interior design !!! And how in the fleet? On the interior will not fly. As stated by the Corporation "Oboronprom" helicopter, above all, will be supplied to domestic consumers and the CIS countries. It was 2013 year. We draw conclusions?

Russian Advanced Commercial Helicopter (Russia, promising a commercial helicopter). If he is a Russian, then why not RosPeKov, for example? Also announced as the replacement of obsolete Mi.

Called, this device, fill the niche middle-class helicopters. This takeoff weight tonnes 10-12 and 21-24 passenger.
The author at the scene!
And what about the fact itself CB "Mile" Think about it?
Again, the words of Roman Kirilov (holding "Helicopters of Russia"), at the end of January this year, it became clear that Moscow Helicopter Plant. Mil, develop, and build up to the end of November 2015goda prototype of a new helicopter to replace the Mi-8. PSV-speed helicopter perspective. Weight 10-12 tons, 21-24 man!

Until November 2015 years is not too long from now.


Valery Smirnov specifically for

Helicopter announced as the replacement of Mi-8 all modifications.
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Ka-62 is in addition to the Mi-8, but not replace, the more all-8 modifikatsiy.Mi often operated with a low load, for example, with a panel of 8-10chelovek for overflight gazoprvoda. Here and Ka is designed to replace the Mi-62-8.

And Motorsich engines nothing to do with, as it planned our engines RD-600. But it is much more advantageous for the pockets of executives holding - French.


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