Company Technology Transfer Center
Company Technology Transfer Center

Company Technology Transfer Center



Closed Joint Stock Company "Technology Transfer Center", which was established under the auspices of the Russian Space Agency in 1997 year - Russian company pioneer, specializing in services in the field of intellectual property.

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In the sixteen years of operation, the company has turned out quite a significant experience in the practice of the implementation of a number of works, ranging from performing inventory of rights for results of intellectual activity, settlement between the owners of legal, valuation and patent-licensed work, up to the design, development and implementation of integrated management systems knowledge and technology transfer.

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Center projects performed more than two hundred companies of aviation, industrial and defense complex of communications and telecommunications, railway transportation and other industries, as well as some state-owned corporations. The Centre has accumulated successful experience with some of the federal executive bodies: Ministierstvom Russian Defense Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Russia, Russian Ministry of Justice, Ministry of commercial communications in Russia, Russian Federal Property Management Agency.

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The center is licensed by the FSC to carry out works that are related to the use of information which constitutes a state secret.

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