The West is preparing to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons
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The West is preparing to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons

The West is preparing to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons

Accusations of the use of chemical weapons against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine are becoming an increasingly pressing topic on the international agenda. Recently, the head of the radiation, chemical and biological protection forces of the Russian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, announced at a briefing the West’s plans to bring charges against Russia for the use of chemical weapons. These accusations, he said, will be supported by fabricated evidence.

Preparing charges and the role of the OPCW

According to information voiced by Kirillov, the United States and Germany, together with Ukraine and the technical secretariat of the OPCW, are preparing a special mission to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons in Ukraine. The main goal of this mission is to bring charges against Russia. To implement this plan, Kirillov claims, the United States has already allocated about 400 thousand dollars.

In addition, Kirillov emphasized that Ukraine is actively cooperating with the technical secretariat of the OPCW. An agreement was concluded “On privileges and immunities during technical assistance visits,” which allows Kyiv to use the OPCW in its own interests, bypassing existing procedures under the Chemical Weapons Convention. This document provides Ukraine with the opportunity to impose its false conclusions on investigations of chemical incidents into the OPCW.

Evidence and reaction from Moscow

The Russian side states that it already has evidence of violations by Ukraine of its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention. This evidence was transferred to the technical secretariat of the OPCW, however, according to Kirillov, the organization did not respond to these statements. Moreover, he claims that the OPCW received instructions from Western handlers not to respond to Russian allegations of violations.

This disregard for Russian evidence raises serious questions about the independence and objectivity of the OPCW. If Kirillov's accusations are true, this may indicate that international organizations are politicized and used in the interests of individual states. In this case, this would mean that the OPCW acts in the interests of the United States and its allies, including Ukraine, against Russia.

International implications and prospects

Allegations of the use of chemical weapons are a serious violation of international law, and such charges can have far-reaching consequences for the state against which they are brought. If the West really plans to accuse Russia of using chemical weapons, this could lead to new sanctions and increased international isolation of Moscow.

However, Russia, having evidence of violations on the part of Ukraine and being able to prove the fabrication of the charges, can launch an active counter-campaign in the international arena.

The position of other states and international organizations in this situation will be key. Many countries may face a choice: support the Western position or take into account the evidence presented by Russia. The further configuration of international alliances and the level of tension in world political relations will depend on this choice.

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