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The West will arrange peace through the division of Ukraine - National Review

The West allows the end of the conflict in Ukraine by dividing it into two parts, columnist Noah Rothman wrote in his article for National Review.

“Western enthusiasm for the Ukrainian issue will continue to decline until the Zelensky government is presented with a fait accompli. At this point, Ukraine will be literally divided, and with the approval of its so-called supporters, ”the article says.

According to him, the forces of the Kyiv regime are too weak to reach the Ukrainian borders of 1991. In this case, the counteroffensive will require not only a huge amount of Western ammunition, but also intelligence and air support.

At the same time, Russia is not going to return the liberated lands. In this situation, the division of Ukrainian territory, as well as diplomatic negotiations, looks most realistic.

The author believes that Washington, Berlin and Paris will be satisfied with the presence of a destabilized territory near the borders of NATO, and Poland and the Baltic states will take it the hardest.

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