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Prohibited Activities: why airlines are not allowed to fly to Egypt?
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Prohibited Activities: why airlines are not allowed to fly to Egypt?

Prohibited Activities: why airlines are not allowed to fly to Egypt?


The plane crash that occurred with the Russian passenger airliner Airbus A321 on the territory of the Sinai Peninsula, and later transferred to the category of the terrorist act, stirred up a wide range of the public. As a result of the tragic crash of the Russian airliner, 224 people were killed on board, and as Russian and international experts were able to find out, it was the negligence of the Egyptian airport employees that led to the terrorist being able to carry explosives on board the aircraft, which is already in 23 minutes after take-off, Hundreds of people were killed.



Due to the fact that were later revealed multiple violations in the organization of security systems on the territory of the Egyptian airports, the Russian authorities, as well as the authorities of other countries temporarily suspended flights to the country, saying that after the security of air harbors of Egypt will restored, flights will be resumed.

Previously, information and news portal, based on some of the data has been repeatedly reported that air traffic with Egypt will be restored in the near future, however, on the eve of the day the Ministry of Transport issued a statement which alluded to the fact that the ban on Russian air carriers for flights to Egypt will most likely be removed only towards the autumn. in turn, experts note that the various types of Egyptian airports tightened checks specifically and to have a large number of reasons, the main of which are listed below.


Artificial passenger capacity on domestic routes



Experts have the assumption that the testing of Egyptian airports is delayed specifically to attract citizens to rest on their domestic resorts. At the moment, recreation on the Black Sea coast is extremely beneficial for the authorities of the country, since the attraction of citizens definitely affects the replenishment of the budget. Proceeding from the aforesaid, it is logical to assume that the majority of citizens of our country, believing that rest in Egypt is unsafe, will prefer to spend holidays at Russian resorts, in particular, in Sochi, on the Crimean peninsula, etc. The high season here, as a rule, begins Already from June and ends near the end of August, and, consequently, we can assume that according to this theory, flights to Egypt will be resumed no earlier than September-October this year, as previously reported.


Cleaning in the field of civil aviation



The author of this article does not want to search for any conspiracies, let alone inspire such information to readers, however, more than six months ago in the media, there were reports that the Russian authorities made a statement that at the moment there is a large The number of different air carriers, which, in fact, prevent state companies from making a profit, and themselves act relatively inefficiently. Taking into account the fact that most of the major Russian airlines make flights to Egypt and only earn a huge profit in just a season, it can help to, in fact, force air carriers out of this sphere, in particular, this applies to Airline "Kogalymavia", which at the moment they want to declare bankrupt, while more than a year ago, this air carrier, which carried out a small number of flights, was considered one of the most effective in the country.



Anyway, at the moment, Russian experts are checking the air harbors of Egypt to ensure that there is an appropriate level of security, and an official report on this matter will be submitted in mid-May, at least as evidenced by official data. Taking into account the fact that additional time will be required to cancel the current ban, in fact, air transportation with Egypt can be resumed in July, however, it is possible that new circumstances may be opened that require more time, which, in fact, places cheap Russian holiday in Egypt is at stake.


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