The salary of civil pilots (pilots), military pilots (pilots).
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The salary of civil pilots (pilots), military pilots (pilots).

The salary of civil pilots (pilots) military pilots (pilots).

Civilian and military pilots (pilots) are raised to the sky almost every day, and in some cases, their flights may be carried out and several times per day. Obviously, it is worth emphasizing that the pilot profession, irrespective of whether the pilot or the commander of the civilian military aircraft, is dangerous, and therefore certain to be high and the salary of the pilot.

Indeed, to date, qualified pilots appreciated very much, because thanks to the actions of experienced pilots even plane runaway can be planted without unnecessary casualties. And here it should be emphasized, the more experience the pilot has, the higher the salary, and the pilot.

The salary of civil pilots (pilots)

Specific figures pilot salary can range from minimum to maximum based on the fact, in what the airline operates the aircraft commander, as well as on what the task set before him. If we take the United Kingdom, the minimum pilot salary here is about 32 thousand dollars a year, While the maximum may exceed 120 thousand dollars. As for the high wage samoё pilot, she recorded in China, where the pilot of the cargo plane Boeing 747-400 gets over 250 thousand dollars a yearThat naturally makes this profession very promising.

Quite often, the pilot salary depends on what type of aircraft it manages. If it is a small light-engine aircraft, a total of more, the pilot will have to rely on a relatively small salary, but if this is a giant in the likeness of Airbus A380, it is likely the pilot salary is close to the maximum, as the management of this complex air machine requires maximum qualifications.

With regard to the salary of the pilot in Russia, there is not as high as might be desired, and that frequently leads to leakage of flight personnel. For example, civil aviation pilots operating in the airline "Aeroflot" receive the order 72 thousand dollars a year. However, professionals are really necessary domestic aviation, but because the number of carriers, specifically stimulates the experienced pilots, offering them a salary of 100-120 thousand dollars a year.

military pilots (pilots).

As for the military pilots (drivers), they earn on average 110 thousand. Rubles per month. Aeytenant who served 1 year, earning an average of 40 thousand. Rubles per month. Officers who have served on 5 years, the patch can be satisfied 70-90 thousand. Rubles per month. But let's not forget that all States have an obligation of military pilots provide housing.

Whatever it was, especially for the pilot of any air tools are not the money, and a unique opportunity to again and again to climb into the sky, toward the infinite horizon.


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