Iron «veto» MH17
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Iron «veto» MH17

Iron «veto» MH17

Last week, Russia, taking advantage of the right to "veto", spoke out in the UN Security Council against the creation of a tribunal over the fact of the collapse of the passenger Boeing 777 in Ukraine, thereby causing great suspicion of its involvement. Experts and experts are still trying to build on this a number of guesses, but most of them do not agree with the official data on the fact of the disaster.

Western and American politicians have attempted to officially accuse Russia of guilt upon the collapse of the airliner, which caused a storm of discontent, however, the question of why Russian officials have exercised their right to "veto" and blocked the resolution, still remains a mystery.

According to some experts, the refusal to create a tribunal is caused by the fact that most foreign politicians are categorically opposed to Russia and its current authorities, and there are a variety of reasons for this, from the approach of Russian military aircraft to the borders of NATO member countries and ending with the annexation of the Crimean peninsula To the composition of the Russian Federation. In such a situation, great political pressure may be exerted on Russia, and given the fact that the United States and the EU are confident of finding Russian regular troops on the territory of southeast Ukraine, which, by a strange coincidence, have not yet been discovered, the West will blame the destruction of the aircraft Namely Russia, which in turn is fraught with new sanctions. The only doubt is perhaps the case that for unknown reasons, the West is not trying to find the fault of Ukraine that did not provide an unhindered and safe flight of civil aircraft over its territory, besides, given the reasoning of Western politicians, it remains unclear the point of view, Why, if the rocket was released from the Buk air defense system on the territory of Ukraine, Russia is to blame for everything ...

Nevertheless, already at the moment, the countries advocating the creation of the tribunal are going to use the veto of Russia in an unknown way today, however, this will almost certainly be done in circumvention of the UN. Among other things, it remains unknown what exactly the creation of the tribunal will give, since the perpetrators remain unknown until now, and therefore it would not be better to find those involved in the destruction of the Malaysian airliner and after that arrange a court that will be less politicized.

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