Iron Eagle 3: Asa (1992).
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Iron Eagle 3: Asa (1992).

Iron Eagle 3: Asa (1992).

  • Country: USA.
  • Directed by John Glen.
  • Starring: Louis Gossett Jr., Rachel McLish, Christopher Keysnov

Nationalist group captures a small village in Peru, and from that moment begins to be equipped with a springboard for its fastening area and the nearest trails overlap for the cocaine trade.

The girl, who had previously lived in a small village, managed to cross into the United States, where she meets the pilot-ace Chappi Sinclair. After telling her tragic story to the pilot, she asks him for help, and Chappi is simply unable to refuse a pretty girl.

Of course, Chappi Sinclair cannot do anything on his own, and therefore he decides to seek help from his superiors, after which, he suddenly finds out that his general plays a peculiar role as patron of the Nazi drug lords.

Out of despair, Chappi Sinclair turns for help to three veterans of the Second World War, who unexpectedly support his initiative, and therefore, are already ready to take off on their old, but still combat aircraft.

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