Badge of the Russian Air Defense Forces
Badge of the Russian Air Defense Forces

Badge of the Russian Air Defense Forces


Own award at air defense "Air Defense Forces of the country" appeared in 1975 year. The initiator of its creation was the command of the Air Defense Forces, which were headed by Marshal of the Soviet Union PF. Batitsky


Who could get this award?


  1. The ensigns, officers and generals and members of the long service who had served flawlessly in the Air Defense Forces for more than 15 years, including those in retirement and reserve.


  1. Experienced professionals with higher qualifications.


  1. People who have made a significant contribution to strengthening the combat readiness of air defense in our country, who have achieved serious results in the education and training of personnel, in the development of new weapons and equipment.

Badge of the Russian Air Defense Forces 3434

Rewarding was carried out by order of the commander in chief of the Air Defense Forces of the Russian Federation. The retired and reserve servicemen were awarded the commander of the districts where they served before entering the reserve. Together with the sign issued a certificate. A few days after the adoption of the law followed the first award.

By order of the commander-in-chief of the country's air defense forces, a large group of officers and generals was honored with this distinction. Among them are Hero of the USSR, Col. Yu.I. Deryabin, twice Hero of the USSR, Major General AK Ryazanov, twice Hero of the USSR, Commander of Air Defense Forces of the Moscow District, Colonel-General A.I. Koldunov and others.

Badge of the Russian Air Defense Forces 45343

Unfortunately, there is no information about the author of the picture on the sign of the “Air Defense Forces of the Country”. But in terms of realistic images of weapons and equipment, it can be assumed that the author was directly related to the Air Defense Forces. The badge was made at the Leningrad Mint. There is another interesting point - in the description, which was approved by the Order of the USSR Ministry of Defense when the sign was established, it is said that the pad is made of stainless steel. But the author has never met such signs. Representatives of the LMD claimed that their equipment was simply not designed for such material, because the stamps quickly became unsuitable, therefore the pad was made of nickel silver.


Description of the mark "Air Defense Forces


The sign is a polygon, which depicts the walls of the Moscow Kremlin and one of its towers, over which the RSL early warning antenna was deployed (red enamel was used for the image). Its front part is made of blue enamel, and the reverse side (visible part of it) is blue. Against the background of these fragments, a silver lining is fastened with the image directed to the right and slightly upward of a Su-9 type fighter. Under the wing of the aircraft there is an air-to-air missile.

Badge of the Russian Air Defense Forces 4343

3 rockets from different ground-to-air radii lined up behind the plane. It is impossible not to notice the inscription in two lines on the background of the wall: "air defense troops / countries." Inscription, facet mark, shoulder and antenna array, having a golden color. Created from tombac, pad made of nickel silver. Fastening with a nut and pin. Size 33x43 mm. This sign is owned by Col. VK. Zhukov, who was then an aviation inspector-pilot of the Leningrad Air Defense Army.

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