MD-PS - Russian short-range air defense system with optical detection of targets, which is characterized by increased secrecy of operation.


For what tasks MD-PS

  • Cover from the strikes of EHV units (parts). Ground forces on the routes of movement and in points of deployment, command and control points of the tactical level, tank columns in areas of concentration, crossings and on the march, separate military rear facilities in the operational and tactical depth.
  • The defense of naked small-sized point objects of the Armed Forces, infrastructure and economy from the attacks of cruise missiles and other means of attack, which fly at low altitudes.
  • Creation of the near (last) line of defense of small-sized objects or elements of the infrastructure and the economy of the country and the Armed Forces.
  • Strengthening air defense groups at extremely low and low altitudes, taking into account the influence of the terrain (mountain gorges, foothills, river valleys) by covering the undetected short and medium-range defense zones in the interests of ensuring the equal strength of the created groups in height and front.
  • The defense of the stationary components of the air defense system to ensure their survivability.
  • Rapid restoration of a broken anti-aircraft missile system.


What is the structure of the air defense system MD-PS:

  • fighting machine;
  • Short-range air defense systems and increased secrecy;
  • three types of anti-aircraft missiles 9М313, 9М39, 9М342;
  • module for placement of means of power supply, communications, life support of the crew, topographic location, installation sites of a spare combat kit and a single spare parts kit;
  • shooting modules;
  • information and control module - OECCO (optical circular survey electronic station);
  • equipment recognition of the belonging of targets according to the “friend-foe” scheme.



ADMS MD-PS provides:

  • concealment of combat use due to the use of optical means for detecting targets, as well as targeting a missile against IR radiation from an aerial target;
  • high accuracy of issuing target indication and missile targeting to an enemy target under the conditions of optical-electronic countermeasures, as well as setting thermal interference;
  • all-round view of the surrounding space, simultaneous detection of more than fifty targets and the selection of the most dangerous targets to be destroyed first;
  • salvo firing 2 missiles;
  • manual and automatic missile launch control;
  • automatic aiming, after which the capture of the target and the launch of rockets;
  • autonomy and mobility of the application.


What types of targets the MD-PS can affect:

  • tactical aircraft of the type F-15, F-16, A-10;
  • helicopters of fire support type AH-XNUMHA;
  • Tomahawk tactical cruise missiles
  • RPV type BGM-34.

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