Estonian Air again cuts airline personnel
28 January 2014. Changes in the Estonian Air are coming - a long-planned restructuring is planned for a long time.
EuroMaidan did not influence the demand for air tickets
January 27, 2014. "KIY AVIA" informs that Euromaidan did not influence the increase in demand for air tickets from Kiev.
The prince of Spain almost crashed on his plane
27 January 2014. Prince of Spain Felipe Asturian, carrying out an important trip on his plane, almost crashed.
The newest aircraft participates in the air show in Singapore
26 January 2014. Aircraft of the latest generation A350 XWB are going to exhibit in Singapore at the air show. The liner will be officially shown on the international platform for the first time.
American engineers will test unmanned transformer
January 26 2014. In the near future in the skies of California can be seen drone transformer Black Knight Transformer.
Reduced tariffs, Duty Free and Wi-Fi - the beginning of improvements in Belavia
25 January 2014. Very soon, the national airline "Belavia" will be able to please fans of air flights by reducing tariffs and providing Wi-Fi services to passengers in airplanes, Interfax-Belarus reports.
US fighter almost crashed in Lithuania
January 25, 2014. The American F-15C Eagle fighter, which was carrying out a special mission of the NATO air police in different areas of the Baltic countries, was forced to make an emergency landing in Lithuania.
Azerbaijani fighters lifted into the air
January 25, 2014. Azerbaijani fighters were seen in the sky. The main reason for their appearance was the aggravated situation due to clashes between the armies of Armenians and Azerbaijanis.
In "Sheremetyevo" customs officials detained a Ukrainian jewelry
January 24, 2014. Sheremetyevo Customs carried out control of the Hong Kong-Moscow flight, where a 35-year-old Ukrainian was detained.


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