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In Syria, the blow of the Russian fighter left 12-meter funnel

The blow of the Russian fighter left behind a 12-meter funnel.

Despite the publications in the Western and opposition Syrian media, regarding the fact that Russian aviation is too weak to dislodge militants and terrorists from Syria, a picture of a giant crater left by an aviation strike of the Russian Aerospace Forces appeared on the web. The blow was struck in the area near the settlement of Taftanaz (Idlib Province), while similar bombs rained down on the position of terrorists on a daily basis.

According to the Telegram-Community of Gallifrey technologies, the giant funnel has a diameter of the order of 12 meters, while considering the correlation, the depth of the funnel is obviously about 2,5 meters.

“It is clear that terrorists have no chance to take any large-scale actions under a hail of such attacks, since this means enormous losses. As a result of such attacks, not a single shelter will save, and it is the emergence of aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces that makes terrorists run in different directions. ” , - the expert notes.

It is not known how exactly the ammunition was struck, however, in Syria, both adjustable bombs (CAB) and high-explosive bombs (FAB) proved to be excellent.

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