Girl pilot


23-year-old girl became a pilot of Aeroflot

23-year-old girl was able to become a pilot of the airline "Aeroflot".

Many girls at such a young age do not even know how to drive a car and only think about studying at a driving school, and Maria Fedorova, without any worries, drives a passenger airliner carrying more than 100 people per flight. Today, she is considered the youngest pilotessa of passenger airliners in Russia and the first girl piloting the Superjet in Aeroflot.

The journalists managed to communicate with Maria and learn from the first mouth how she managed to build a career in the largest airline in Russia as a pilot.

The girl said that she did not see anything surprising in choosing her profession.

Immediately after graduation, the future pilotess enrolled in the University of Civil Aviation of St. Petersburg, and immediately after its graduation, in November of last year she came to work for Aeroflot. Then the events for the beginning pilots developed in a standard way: several months of retraining in the training and flight squad, endless classes, tests, trainings and flights on the simulator, and in August - the first flight as a full-fledged co-pilot.

Strongly experienced that day?

- To be honest, I do not remember anymore, - Maria answered in confusion. - At that time I already had 225 hours of practice in the "second" seat, so that flight did not become for me any special, it differed only because behind my back I did not have a pilot instructor as before.

It is noteworthy that there are 20 girls in Aeroflot staff, but only the youngest among them, Maria, runs the domestic Superjet. Other representatives of the fair sex fly on import airliners Airbus. Our heroine said that she consciously made this choice, and she is very pleased to be the first girl in the airline that runs this type of aircraft.

She really likes the car and before each flight she enjoys pre-flight inspection and prepares the plane for flight.

In fact, it's really impossible to believe - that such a fragile girl manages to lift a multi-toned liner to the sky in a single movement of the hand, and in the same way coolly put him on the runway in Helsinki, Kazan or Sheremetyevo.

What stage of the flight do you like most?

- Landing!

We are sure that many readers of our portal will want to take an example from you. Tell us a little about the training for the pilot. Many will be particularly interested in the financial side of the issue.

- I studied on a "budget". To become a pilot is not enough simple desire requires a basic education. Not necessarily higher, but at least a secondary special.

How long does the pilot change?

- It depends on the schedule and duration of the flight, but maximum -12 hours.

What quality is required for the profession of the pilot?

- On personal experience, I realized that mindfulness! Without it, there is no way, it's simply impossible to get distracted in this work.

Have to handle the salon on the speakerphone?

- Yes, it happened that the commander asked me to say the words of greeting. The flight attendants then reported that the passengers after such a long time were surprised and began to discuss what the girl was doing in the cockpit, but no one makes any complaint or fear about it.

What are the tasks of the co-pilot?

- There are no divisions of duties in flight. Rather, it is, but only on earth. Already before takeoff, we decide who will be piloting and act according to a standard plan. As a rule, in one direction the liner is driven by one pilot, in the opposite direction - by the other.

Car enthusiasts like to test cars of other brands. Do you have a desire to sit at the helm of some other aircraft, for example, An-2 or a combat fighter and check all the possibilities of the car?

"I'm sure that I can handle An-2 without problems, but I hardly manage to cope with a combat fighter." In the cinema, by the way, it is sometimes shown how a passenger with pilot skills sits at the helm of the aircraft, since the commander can not perform his duties, and successfully performs the landing. In practice, this is almost impossible, since all aircraft models differ significantly from each other.

Always everything starts somewhere, well, not in 50 years to learn how to fly a plane. Who really flew, remember how they started themselves. Next to it, an experienced pilot and her knowledge will give it to her. Better wish for a clear sky and for the number of takeoffs to coincide with the number of landings

I know women FAC and in Afl and other companies and I know dolgoscherov-muzhiks, which in one crew would be uncomfortable to be ... Once the check on the simulator is passing, it means that it corresponds, probably.

And where do you know all this from? Apparently he himself was in this role regularly? Well, so that someone relax. Ah, baby? Did you make smacking smacks? Apparently you really like it, handsome?

do not compare with yourself. there is not until blames

It is necessary to envy silently !!! There is nothing terrible in this, and everyone builds his own destiny as he sees fit. Well, she wanted to build her life in this way, then this is her problem!

She is not a pilot, she is a pilot))) Take her aboard so that the commander will relax))

in vo! correctly said. most likely the daughter of the commander or communications. I also studied sbbguga.i and the whole kitchen I know. let's not fandit this youngster

I do not think it's right when women are engaged in men's work or men's sports. Vekami is folded as it is folded and it's not right to break it. A woman should give birth and bring up children, and not engage in what is not peculiar to her and beyond. including because of physiology. In the end, nothing good will come of it. Absolutely different logical thinking among women and men. Different hemispheres of the brain work. So the Creator created us and do not need to experiment!


Do not need to be jealous! Just remember how many beautiful women in Russia are pilots and testers and astronauts! Yes there were times when we started with An-2, but where are they now! Good luck!

Judging by the pumped-up lips, there the brains are not thinking about flight safety


In good Soviet times, after LW in GA, they went to An-2. And after the raid, not in one thousand hours and not with the 4 class of the pilot and with good recommendations went on retraining for a lot of equipment. And by that time the pilot did not have 23 at all And only on the international lines got only the very-very But also knew that women successfully in the right armchair flew Dial in the network * Vertiprakhova and F * In Krasnoyarsk, for example, Yak-40 Zubkova perfectly flew

And HA HA! And fly sweet in June in the afternoon a small box in Orenburg on AIN 2 !!! The options for the outcome are three: to wrestle and collapse, to wriggle and make the "hood" (the same as the ikapets), to bounce back and make a progressive goat with an accident! There are other options, but they are even worse ...)))

And we do not forget tampons and do not wear ourselves ... and after the box - machine / mechanic / do not ask why the third pedal .... Ahahahahaahaha !!!!!

in the Chest. successes to the girl

You should not be so. Most likely, you proceed from the fact that the girl does not have enough mindfulness and composure to act in an extreme situation, because she is a girl. I once imagined that the machinists in the subway, where I worked, like lifters, that is, in the main works automatics. It was somehow possible to visit the cockpit A-319 in a horizontal flight. There is some similarity in the preparation. Once in 3 months they take an exam for emergency games, there they create double cases, they specifically interfere with you, distract you, etc. Who does not give up, fire. The level of preparation is very serious, believe me. If a person has reached a level that we can not achieve, then one should not say something offensively, especially without knowing the essence of the matter.

it would be interesting to know who is her parents? Protso have taken a young girl to Aeroflot? It's funny. I have a son from my colleague (after the army, after the institute, and later a college worked as a teacher). Only 8 got a job of flying. And then immediately to Aeroflot! It's funny and bitter.

I read and am surprised. Is aviation the same mess as on the railway? How come?

Well done, daughter, keep it up!

Found, than bragging. Because we have planes with passengers mrut, like muhi.Mozhno and infants in the cockpit pilotov.Vy would fly with such a pilot? Me not. And to you, with all your family, I do not advise.

Is there really such pilots that you really should not let go to the plane?

he himself at least saw the steering wheel or the keys on the computer.

And why for this work the upper lip to inflate?
Once I had to fly with the "female pilot", advertised all sorts of cosmetics all the way, chatted without stopping .. Horror, Aeroflot did not fly long ago.

And you at this age than to manage, being a man?

Not a seer! Well done girl! And monkeys and a peasant among the peasants!

23 it's late. At 19, mid-flight schools complete and begin to fly.

Che dokalis to the girl, let him fly. Its good weather and clear sky.

Such a sweetie is enough ... The experience is clearly there and probably replenished xD

Hmmm and I've seen it with my own eyes twice ...

A neighbor works at a gas station as a tanker. On his experience, the pistol in the neck is forgotten only by men. Not a single woman has seen to forget ... And you say, a grenade.

Clear sky and soft landings.

Comrades, as they say: a woman at the wheel - that a monkey with a grenade !!!
It's just a star, who will she ask to see when it unfolds? )))

Flight weather is always a nice pilot. Aviation modern with a stable study can be mastered. And the monkey does not pull in thinking, then she and the monkey. Beauty with hard training if health will allow and 30 will raise and piloting will make a soft landing!

Aviation is work for people with a strong character. Regardless of gender. Russian men have some kind of primitive fear when a woman comes to "their" territory. And not all men cope with difficult situations better. A girl is a good fellow.

The main thing is that the steering wheel should be strong enough ...

We flew in early March from Hanoi to Fukuok and back Vietnam Airlines, there KBC was Andrew, back Alexei, Russian pilots are fleeing from Russia and from Aeroflot as well. To that to be surprised? If only monkeys for the wheel did not begin to plant)))

Here around such specialists gathered ... Baba at the helm, no experience. If any of you are of the summer - tell me how you gained experience. I started flying after the school 25 years ago, at her age and experience came with practice and bloom. Lose the girl, would be happy for the man. There is a desire - will fly and better than many men. I know such "pilots", which not only to the plane - you can not get close to a feather. And how many women pilots I saw in Europe and America. This is no longer a rarity. Good luck to her!

Laurence the answer from the air traffic controller - Aviation is a man's job. Why take on such a responsible job daughters? And in addition, the dispatcher is also responsible for the safety of the Pilots, and the problems are the same.

Fly a daughter and pay less attention to the whole thing that they write, do not ignore the practical aerodynamics, study the special cases in flight thoroughly, do not hesitate to ask experienced pilots and everything will turn out ... Only against the wind the plane takes off, only against the wind we are able live!

Work and experience with the skill will appear Good luck And about AN 2 it's for nothing there to be able to

The plane is easier to drive than a car, a practical experiment, a child will plant, Sovrem. liner. The problem is not the complexity, which is not there, the management of this aircraft, but the fact that mistakes are costly - mistakes happen in this case 1) from the morale - the pilot is drunk, his ground services soar, he protects fuel, wants to sit down and so on - household causes of the disaster. (this under the Ramenskoye board crashed) 2) it's a coincidence - the general major, scolded these pilots - that they do not feel the plane, do not understand this whole movement - it was impossible to understand that the plane is flying, not falling - in these Saratov lines - there is a load on the seat 0, 6 same - a pilot who knows when what a bang, on, already knows - he flies, or falls. The Western school, reduced, this, quite expensive training - because for the USSR to train the pilot to "feel" the plane, this is fifty million more in training - the West went its own way - it investigates catastrophes, and for years has been developing instructions that are forced to cram before automaticity. In Russia, another approach to aviation - because of this a lot of accidents - in Russia, the pilot must understand the aircraft, and in the EU, he just serves the car - and he has all the extreme cases, instructions that he learns and brings to automatism. It is difficult to understand who is right - it is clear that there is something national, - the properties of the nation - in the EU is simply cheaper than the pilot, to pump instructions, than for years to teach him to "feel" the plane. Because of this - according to statistics, lying as always - 14 boards broke - capitalist relations, connected with the Kovdov Sov. education, airline pilot, where he is responsible for people. In short, capitalism is cheaper than teaching pilots to fly. Therefore, they seem to be given to the car - the plane - "well - okay - but in the Russian Federation they were not taught, (for such a spell) - they are lying around. This generation of pilots, in general there is nothing - neither the western nor the eastern system - it's just - a mess.

What passengers are to blame for, why this is necessary. It is necessary to oblige at the legislative level, to indicate when selling a ticket not only the type of aircraft, but also who is behind the wheel. Sane person is unlikely to buy a ticket for the flight, where the woman is driving, whether it is at least super ac.

What does the experience here? If she does not have normal initial flight training. While everything is good - everything is fine, but if something is not right, then as with an-148. There, both have a raid and, as it were, "experience", and where the piloting skills are not clear.

Do not judge strictly. We were all young once and had no experience.

Another blatant. She can fly ?? It's a nightmare, comrades ... I, as a pilot-instructor, think that you need experience for flights. He does not have it. Perm and an148 have already been proven. that there are no pilots. there are push buttons. It's a nightmare and a shame.

This girl is an accidental man at the helm and a walking prerequisite for LP, experience is zero, experience in extreme situations is zero. Lack of experience in sports and / or small commercial aviation - a major gap in the flight biography of most modern pilots. Apparently, the disaster with AN-148 does not teach anything.

Is the head spinning? Just at the An-2 and dug out .... On it you need to be able to fly, not push buttons on autopilot ....

Under Hilarrie planned, and then bummer-Trump podsuetilsya.
That's shining girl perspective - An-2
That's where she'll understand what shit sucked.
Passengers are nauseous, and pilots only want to eat

We forgot to write who her parents are, we remember the children at the helm of Aeroflot, I personally passed.

An important point - the position of the co-pilot is, to put it mildly, not the FAC. Usually the aircraft is piloted by the commander and the second pilot only replaces him at the most critical stages. Most often - at the echelon, when the commander must go to the toilet. They say that there are even such second pilots who manage to fly all over their life as an actual passenger. By the way, the catastrophe of Air France over the Atlantic happened precisely because of the fault of the second pilot - the FAC was away for a few minutes, and then a certain freelance situation broke out with which the copilot failed, eventually the plane fell into a tailspin. So - a girl 23 years in the co-pilot's seat is certainly interesting, but ...

I am amazed at the knowledge of journalism in the field of aviation. The first thing is that without the powerful pusher of this "pilotess" to sit at the helm, it would hardly have been possible, whether you are with a red diploma and three times "UMNICHKA". Modern "PILOT-KNOPKODAVA, pilots will be called after they fly by themselves not one thousand hours. Flight in a circle on any airplane is not to master fully the aircraft. There are a lot of such pilots: YAKUBOVICHI, NIKOLAEVA and other flying officers with enough money in your pocket! That's what this lady is doing on the flight work, the FAC is being put into operation and several thousand are crashing without emergency, then one can get the note stitched, and now 20 pilotess is not doing the weather when the pilots-graduates with diplomas from the Ulyanovsk high school can not get a job in A.K. And if they take, then the conditions for retraining at their own expense, and this is 50-100 thousand bucks! Here is the field where you need to restore order and oblige AK. retrain pilots-graduates at their own expense!

I fully agree with AN-2 the most complicated aircraft in piloting

The problem of air transport safety is not in the flight of crew members, but in simplified training as such. Flying on the right, sit on the left commander's bench. However, the board collapsed, the corkscrew turned off, the instruments refused, all-no god, no "king", and not such a "hero".

Experienced pilot of course good, but the experience must be somewhere and somehow be typed. Good luck to you, girl ...

The girl certainly umnichka, but we, who paid for the tickets of "Aeroflot" to the full, I would like an experienced pilot :-)

About An-2 got excited.

I confirm. In Soviet times, a hundred lives were entrusted to pilots with experience in the sun of the fourth, third class and not so with a touch in the school 150 hours. Happen that, a nose in the ground is a working plane like An-148. The Ministry of Civil Aviation does not, the railways, the dispatcher and the financiers control everything in aviation, no security whatsoever.

Well, Kapanin would have coped with both An-2 and Super. And for the girl it is still on-board computer flies in tandem with the commander. The Aeroflot Findirectorate drove absolutely cuckoo: instead of flying all over the globe, the pilots into the cab pushes ...